May 9, 2021


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Former Celtic striker John Harrison supports Laboran’s cancer recovery plan

The former Celtic Star John Harson said I would love to hear Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar call for a cancer recovery program and that it should be a priority after St. George’s election.

The former Welsh international striker has survived a series of cancers that have spread to his lungs and brain, and he said there would have been no immediate treatment, including two brain surgeries and chemotherapy.

Harson said he did not normally get involved in politics, but said he “loves” Scottish Labor plans to restore and improve cancer services as the country recovers from epidemics.

He said: “I support the cancer recovery plan, I don’t really get involved in politics or anything like that.

“It doesn’t matter who you choose, cancer doesn’t stop anyone.

“I think it’s important to prioritize it now because last year there were so many cancer patients who were suffering and dying because they didn’t get the treatment they desperately needed.

What I see is that anyone who enters parliament, whoever it may be, should give priority to these cancer victims and get the surgery.