Former Kemptown lawmaker called the councilman’s words outrageous

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LONGEST serving MP Brighton Since WWII, Kemptown has called for a congressman to be removed from the Conservative Party after comparing striking trashcan workers to terrorists.

Sir Andrew Bowden, who served as Conservative MP for 27 years from 1970 to 1997, called the comments made by councilor Joe Miller at a meeting yesterday as “outrageous”.

Speaking to The Argus, he said: “As a Conservative Party member for 76 years and a Kemptown MP for 27 years, I am disgusted and angry at the statement made by Cllr Miller.

“Anyone holding such views should not be a member of the Conservative Party.

“I believe Cllr Miller should be suspended as a party member and immediately write a personal letter from GMB to Mr. Mark Turner apologizing to him and all GMB members.

“I wish the strike never happened, but the union acted within the framework of its democratic and legal rights.”

He added that his statements were particularly inappropriate given the number of ongoing terrorist attacks around the world.

“People associate this word with the most horrific murders and murders,” he said.

Sir Andrew said he would contact members of the Kemptown Conservative association.

In response to Sir Andrew’s reprimand, Cllr Miller said he would not be compelled to “apologise for something I didn’t say”.

“I have great respect for Sir Andrew Bowden and his dedication to the Conservative Party in the city. He’s wrong though – I didn’t call and I don’t think the GMB members are terrorists.

“My point was that they keep the city on a barrel and we should use private companies that I’m sure Sir Andrew Bowden will support to clean up the city’s mess.

“You cannot bow to union demands as the Greens and Labor have at every opportunity, because when you do, we will have more demands.

He went on to make a comparison between strikers and piracy off the coast of Somalia.

“Somali pirates hostage ships for millions of dollars; payment came too late scene This strike and this are being used as an opportunity to take the city hostage, demanding a multimillion-pound ransom increase to get riders back to work.

“We can’t go on inside Brighton and Hove Making sure the GMB runs the city.”

The GMB also urged Cllr Miller to apologize in writing for his “shocking” comments, saying they had to consider the safety of the strikers due to fears of public retaliation and could take his word fully.

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