Former Liberal Leader Joins Forces With Labor Veteran To Attack Morrison Ahead Of Election | Scott Morrison

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Former Liberal leader John Hewson has joined Labor veteran Barry Jones to support a social media advocacy campaign aimed at Scott Morrison’s track record of integrity and climate change ahead of federal elections.

Hewson says the volunteer, nonprofit Truth and Honesty Project overlaps somewhat with Climate 200 – an independent candidate support organization focused on the climate crisis to challenge liberal leaders in their heart of the city – and with community “voice” groups modeled on the independent Katie McGowan’s successful 2013 campaign.

The Integrity Project, modeled in part on the Lincoln Project in the United States, will not nominate political candidates, but will focus on its advocacy through content generated for social media. One of the campaigners is Australian film producer Bob Weiss.

Hewson says the organization aims to raise funds ahead of a federal election campaign next year, “using a fairly sizable base of people to fund this kind of activity, focusing on the big issues that matter to our democracy.”

“I think right now one of the big issues that has come up for various reasons since the last election is the issue of honesty and accountability in government,” Hewson said.

The former Liberal leader said the Morrison government failed to create a reliable model for the Federal Integrity Commission during this parliamentary term. “They’re just playing with it, which is pretty offensive.”

Hewson said the prime minister is now confronted with constant questions “about whether he is telling the truth“. He said the prime minister’s campaign statements that the Labor Party would raise the price of gasoline or increase energy prices were not based on factual basis.

“There is no evidence to support this,” Hewson said.

The Climate 200 group, created by climate activist Simon Holmes-Court, has raised $ 3.6 million in the past few months. With government deputies targeted by activists in the blue ribbon seats, Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg already wrote to the Australian Electoral Commission to investigate the voice movements organizing independent campaigns.

Hewson said that he and Jones worked with Holmes à Court and “I have done a great job supporting the voices movement.”

The former Liberal leader said that the next federal election is likely to lead to a suspended parliament with independents maintaining a balance of power. Many of the Independent Representatives who participated in the elections worked on climate change, integrity and accountability platforms.

“Everything goes together. This is a common problem, ”he said.

“You can see how IRs can maintain a balance of power within this overarching element of integrity and accountability, as well as key policy elements such as climate and so on.”

“A loose alliance of independent members can tell anyone in government if you don’t give us responsible legislation in these areas, then we won’t support you – I think it will lead to better government.”

In a statement posted on the group’s website, Jones says he joined Hewson as a patron of Truth and Integrity, “because democracy is under serious threat and the coalition and federal ALP have no vision that goes beyond elections. 2022 “.

“Only active citizens can prevent the slide towards authoritarian or populist democracy with its endless appeals to short-term considerations and self-interest,” Jones says.