May 9, 2021


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Forty-five contract contracts are set to be extended during the battle with Covenant at Bolton

Forty-five interim councilors are ready to recruit or extend their contract to help control any local outbreaks in Covi-19.

As of June 2020, ከማ 7.76m has been allocated from the central government as part of the Bolton Council Public Health Inspection and Tracking Service Support Fund and its Epidemiological Management Fund.

The purpose of the grants is to provide support to local authorities in the United Kingdom regarding the cost of fighting the virus.

In a report to councilors Helen Lowe, Bolton’s director of genital health, details of how the money was allocated as part of Bolton’s epidemic management plan.

In her report, Ms. Lowe detailed the role of permanent contracts in dealing with the epidemic.

She said: “There is an urgent need to extend the current temporary contracts, to define the temporary roles and to create more capacity to respond to the ongoing Bolton epidemic by recruiting key positions.

Permanent contract job roles are created.

The option to rehabilitate or re-employ existing council staff is also, if necessary, the recruitment of agency staff and liaison with the university.

Among the 45 roles mentioned are 15 test workers, seven case managers, three administrators, three public health professionals and three test center leaders.

Ms. Lowe explains how government money is controlled.

She said: “The total subsidy is equivalent to, 7,763,450 and the plans are in place over a period of two years.

“Any report to the government will be accompanied by a public health team and will be required to provide assistance.

All plans will follow the appropriate procurement process based on value, departmental costs and relevant verification standards.

Funds for the plans include m 3m in community testing, 8 50,850,000 in contact tracing, £ 560,000 in communications, ቦ 500,000 for Bolton Fund and 300 300,000, including expansion of Cove Marshall.

Bolton’s chief security officer, Claire Susan Benes, has approved plans to extend work contracts.

“Improving the site is a positive step,” he said.