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Four men accused of Kevin Luney attack are on trial


The trial of four men who deny false imprisonment and cause grievous harm Quinn Industrial Holdings director Kevin Looney A barrister said that CCTV, DNA, phone location data and other circumstantial evidence will be heard from about 250 witnesses. special criminal court.

Four men trial opens, for Sean Guerin SC director of public prosecution Said the matter is complex but resolves itself in “some relatively simple propositions”.

He said a three-judge, non-jury court would hear evidence that blood containing DNA matching Mr Looney was found in a Renault Kangoo van, which Mr Guerin said was obtained from CCTV and phone location data from the three accused men. is connected.

He said the prosecution would show that the van traveled from Dublin to Cavan on the day and previous day of the attack.

The fourth man, Luke O’Reilly, is linked to the assault and imprisonment because, the lawyer said, it happened on his land and, when the attackers wanted bleach to “hide their mark”, they turned to Mr. O’Reilly. turned.

Mr Guerin said CCTV footage would show Mr O’Reilly buying a bottle of bleach at the time of the attack.

Luke O’Reilly (67), Mullahorn Lower, Kilkogee, with an address in Cavan; Darren Redmond (27), from Caledon Road, east wall, Dublin 3; Alan O’Brien (40), of Shelmlier Road, East Wall, Dublin 3, and the fourth accused man, aged 40, committed false imprisonment and grievous harm to Mr Looney in Cavan on September 17, 2019 in Drumbread, Ballinagh, Cavan not convicted. .

The fourth person cannot be named by court order because he is due to face trial on other, unrelated matters.

Mr Guerin said Mr Luni, 51, was thrown into the boot of a car near his home in Fermanagh on the evening of 17 September. He was taken to a trailer where he was threatened and his leg was broken.

He was doused in bleach and a knife was used to carve letters into his chest before being released to the side of the road in Co Cavan.

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