France chooses 3rd shot, not lockdown, to fight the new wave

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France has launched a plan to provide booster shots to all adults, opting for further lock-in or curfew, to help combat a worrying increase in infections in the country

PARIS – France launched a plan on Thursday to provide covid-19 booster shots to all adults, as they opted for further lock-in or curfew to help combat a worrying increase in infections in the country.

Veran also put forward a series of measures that are seen as a sharpening of the use of masks in public areas and said that the country’s COVID passport, which is required in many indoor places across the country, will be invalid if a person has not received a booster shot within seven months of a second dose.

He said that there are ten times more unvaccinated people currently in hospital due to the virus than those vaccinated, and added that without the vaccine the country would already be in a lock-in situation.

More than 89% of French adults are vaccinated, but the most vulnerable received a vaccine early in the year and therefore immunity is believed to decline. Even children under the age of 12 have not yet had access to vaccines in France, but that may change after the European Medicines Agency on Thursday approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for 5-11-year-olds.

As a sign of recurring concern over France’s viral situation, Morocco will suspend all flights to and from France from Friday, until further notice.

A government committee monitoring travel in the midst of the pandemic made the decision on Thursday “to protect Morocco’s performance in dealing with the pandemic”, according to the state news agency MAP. The two countries have close economic and cultural ties.


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