Frank Warren Talks David Adeleye, Sheeraz vs Skeete, More

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We were thrilled to add an absolutely exciting chief support act to blockbusters Arthur-Yarde collision that is fast closing in on December 4th at London’s Copper Box Arena.

Our super welterweight star Hamzah Sheeraz has made great progress over the last few years and we needed to find a match for him that not only provided an appropriate test, but also served to increase its profile by coming up with someone known to the boxing public.

Step forward, Bradley Skeete. Our previous decidedly British champion in the welterweight coming off a break, but is determined to re-establish itself on British boxing top table.

The fleet legs and skilful Brad is moved to the Ingle Gym in Sheffield period since his second coming and had a little rust-shaker in the summer to announce his official return to work.

Brad, who was also the WBO European champion and on the verge of a world title shot before, made himself available for all the names currently making the most noise at both welterweight and light middle, but his invitations were ultimately rejected, and it is a Queensberry challenger who is willing to put his unbeaten record at risk.

I was for a long time, charged with pushing Brad career together and he can be proud of what he has achieved in the game. I am now in the corner of Hamzah and I am convinced that this young man has got what it takes to reach the very top.

There is no doubt that his mandate will be given a stern examination of the very experienced diver.

It will be exciting to see what tweaks Money puncher has done since making his Sheffield switch and how much of the ‘Ingle way’ has rubbed off on him. He was already a technical, defensively sound operator saw, style-wise, the move appears a natural fit.

Hamzah also possess technical qualities, but is much more aggressive and unusual will Brad not look down on his opponent.

This is a proper match with lots at stake. For Brad game will most likely be up to him in case of defeat, while Hamzah must win to maintain its upward momentum, which should see him challenging for major titles 2022.

It is a not to miss out on what is a top quality short run by Lyndon rematch between Arthur and Anthony Yarde, which is essentially a world title eliminator with a hefty dollop of festering bad feeling.

I was pleased with the progress shown by our younger contingent in the recent ‘Outlook’ series, which continued to York Hall with David Adeleye occupying heading instead.

It was actually not the show we intended to deliver, as it is always the plan to have a few really meaningful matches and test for our young prospects to add a little spice to the apartments. This time, however, injuries and illness got in the way, we were unable to legislate.

I was still happy with what I saw and BT Sport does an excellent job of packing it all together and give some context to what they emit.

The above David, I feel, gave his most mature performance so far and showed that he really will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months and years. It is still early days, and as I always say, experience is the most valuable commodity in this phase.

I was also very impressed with Liverpool super bantam Brad Strand, who is a skilled fighter, but this time showed the vicious side of his nature in nailing a first round stoppage. Henry Turner, who always put on a fine display of boxing to move themselves 6-0.

I would not walk on through the whole map, but all our perspectives on display did themselves proud and will continue to take advantage of this concept throughout the 2,022th

MY attention was, along with many others like it, drawn to an interview clips with our rampaging Bantam / super bantam Andrew Cain after his impressive victory in Birmingham a few weeks back.

There was none of the usual cozy platitudes from young Andrew. He is rough and have their eyes fixed on the price of being a future world champion and will fight everything and everyone to get there.

I love his attitude. I was also mightily impressed with the way he dismantled Uriel Lopez to record his eighth straight victory as a professional. As I alluded to above, Andrew be a bit of a raging bull when the first bell tolls, but he is now backing up his words and demonstrate to us that he can do it either way, he can box his way to victory as well.

The reaction to the interview clip has been overwhelmingly positive, and I think Andrew has won a number of new fans. I can tell you that when we get going again next year, his being one of the first names put on the map.

There are big fights for him, and we will have no worries about him stepping up to a challenge.


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