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Fredo Bang says seeing women in bonnet is a “big turn on”


Bonnets have become an integral part of black culture, rumis, especially at a time when black women are embracing the versatility of their hair more than ever! Recently, there has been a debate on the internet about whether people should wear protective haircuts outside and Fredo Bang said he has no objection!

A viral image of women playing on women’s bonnets at the airport sparked a conversation about suitable places that bonnets should be worn and people seem to be divided in the debate! Some said bonnets should only be worn at home, and others said black women should feel free to wear them whenever they want.

Rapper Fredo Bang clarified his position in a lengthy tweet about women’s self-esteem.

“I think when a woman comes out on her bonnet she feels completely comfortable with herself,” he wrote. “She doesn’t have to wear makeup and wear a headband on her shoulders every second of life because she knows she’s the worst. # Selfistem is a big turn. “

Fredo’s message seemed to come from a good place, but some women who read it did not agree with his feelings. A few women commented to inform Fredo that wearing a bonnet without pockets outside the house!

“Nah … you don’t see your room turning the bed,” one woman commented. “IDC, how comfortable you feel with yourself … it’s just hard for me.”

“Listen I’m still not walking outside with my bonnet … it gives me laziness and unpreparedness,” another woman wrote.

Rumis, where do you stand on this? Let us know in the comments!

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