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The Greens are in the balance of power today, after the next election
Tackle the growing mental health crisis in Australia by making mental health services free and unlimited.
Anyone who needs it as part of Medicare.

The plan to create universal, unrestricted and accessible mental health care through Medicare.
billionaires and big corporations making huge profits will be financed by taxation.

Our plan will ensure that everyone has access to mental health when they need it, not when they can.
can afford.

In the current poll, a Parliament that shares power is the most likely outcome of the upcoming election. NS
The Greens have already announced plans for a ‘comedy tax’ that will be pushed to the ‘balance of power’.
negotiations to help increase revenue, but the free mental health plan is the first significant expenditure
policy announced by the party.

This plan is a priority for the party and will be a central election campaign focus for the Greens.
It is an important element of the balance of power negotiations, especially among the youth and after the election.

Greens Health Spokesperson, Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John said:

“Mental health services in Australia are out of reach for too many people. hundreds of thousands
people are left behind because they don’t get the help they need. Two of the problems people face are the cost of services and the limit on the number of appointments.

“More than half of individual psychological therapy sessions had an average pay gap of $68, while two-thirds of psychiatric consultations had an average pay gap of $93 (source).

“The lockdowns and the pandemic have affected everyone’s mental health. Everyone is stressed, worried,
and future anxiety. However, the urgent need for universal mental health services funded by large organizations
Companies making huge profits were urgent before the pandemic.

“We can get through this crisis. By taxing billionaires and big corporations, everyone
They can access mental health services for as long as they need it.

“When everyone has access to free mental health support, our entire community is a
better quality of life, better relationships and better performance while studying or working.”

Greens Leader Adam Bandt said:

“The next election will be closer than people think. Scott Morrison is just 828 votes away from losing
majority government and in the current poll, a power-sharing Parliament is the most likely outcome.

“In the balance of power, the Greens will fire the Liberals and have the next government.
billionaire corporations pay their fair share of taxes so we can get free and unlimited mental health care.
He got into Medicare.

“When the greens were in the balance of power, we got free teeth into Medicare for kids, and that’s it.
When we will fight to get people the mental health care they deserve. On the balance of power, the Greens
It will force dental and mental health to be fully Medicare.”

How will the Greens plan work?

Extend the Better Access Initiative to unlimited psychology or psychiatric therapy sessions
and increase Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) discounts for diagnosed patients
mental illness. Discounts will be offered at two levels to give to mental health care providers
A real way to provide gap-free mental health care.

Details of the Medicare deduction changes:

  • For psychiatric therapy sessions, discounts for items MBS 291, 296, 297 and 299 will be increased to 100 percent (currently 85 percent) of program fees.
  • There are two levels for psychology therapy sessions:
    • For providers offering gap-free services to encourage higher level, bulk billing, MBS discounts for items 80000, 80005, 80010, 80015 will be increased to match the 2021-22 rates recommended by the Australian Psychological Association.
    • For sessions that charge more than the lower level, Australian Psychological Association recommended rates, providers will receive current, lower discounts.
  • In any 12-month period, people will be eligible for unlimited sessions. As part of their mental health treatment plan, they must receive a referral from their General Practitioner (GP) every 10 treatment sessions.
  • The Parliamentary Budget Office calculated that this plan would reduce the fiscal balance by $1,123 billion, above estimates, and $4,756 over ten years.
  • The Greens’ earlier ‘comedy tax’ plan on superprofits from big corporations and mining companies will raise $338 billion over the next decade.

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