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From The Bold Type Too Younger, a Millennial Feminist Fantasy Drawn to a Close


This summer, both bold type and small—End their runs on Freeform and Paramount+, respectively, with a pair of dazzling plays about what it means to be twentysomething in the big city. bold type Star-a- The trio of friends (Jane, Kat, Sutton) who work in Scarlett Cosmo-Type magazine and its website, aka “dot com”. small Centers on Liza, a 40-something woman who’s ready to break into publication in the fictionalized empirical press as a millennial—though at this point, everyone left on the show is on her logic.

Both series offer the same brand of fizzy-flavored escapism, though clearly neither was invented; each is a clear heir sex and the City, With small even sharing the same manufacturer Darren Star. But just as some aspects of SATC feel more dangerously out-of-touch with each passing year, small and bold type The media and their portrayal of the feminist landscape already seem quite dated. As the two draw closer, we can’t help but wonder: Has the #Girlboss era of Millennial-themed TV finally sung its swan song? Or is its spark repeating imminent?

while small and bold type The two have attempted to set their action in recognizable replicas of New York City, with most of the original publications being named—except—featured on Liza and her colleague Kelsey’s “Content Incubator”. Vulture; Jane’s work accident kills her boss page sixBoth took a decidedly laissez-faire approach to portraying reality. in the world of small and bold type, Earning rent is a non-factor; The deadline feels more like a brunch conversation than a real threat; Can be glided from Upper East Side to Brooklyn in minutes. Sure, Liza or Jane can travel on a metaphorical banana peel. But by the end of the episode, they’ll each be tucked back into their open brick apartment, looking out a window. betty hoo plays.

Also, Carrie Bradshaw’s descendants have made more effort to deal with capital-I issues. SATC done regularly. small and bold type Each centered story focuses on the #MeToo movement, cross-cultural feminism and ageism, along with bold type Specifically dedicating some of its most powerful episodes to social crises: season 1 finale Alone, Kat’s girlfriend Adena has been deported back to Iran in the wake of Trump’s Muslim travel ban, and Red Editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle emotionally details her rape. Both have also shown a willingness to reevaluate themselves in the light of changing cultural interactions. first season of smallFor example, introduce a writer who sexually harassed Lisa; The incident was played out as a joke. Its fifth season revisited the story, giving the author a #MeToo-Style Count.

bold typeSelf improvement came after star Ayesha Di called her show for the lack of diversity behind the scenes, and criticized a story in which her character, Kat, develops feelings for a stereotypical woman. Other stars of the show voiced its solidarity with D on social media, and Freeform said in a statement Vanity Fair That they commend Ayesha for “raising her hand” to promise “positive change.” (In the recently aired first episode of the show’s final season, Kat’s growing relationship was quickly wrapped up.)

as earnest as those efforts, depicted the world bold type and small-Designer duds never felt further from the reality of our pandemic-ravaged work-from-home, along with crowded karaoke bars and boozy corporate parties. (That’s to say nothing of his portrayal of a media industry where junior employees have ample time to gossip in the fashion closet and book editors spend more time reading manuscripts than potential authors.)

There is also the age-old question of diversity (or lack thereof) in these shows: although they are set in New York, both small and bold typeMost of the characters are white, straight, cisgender women who enjoy social privilege and financial stability. As inclusion in the media and beyond becomes a priority, such limited POVs are starting to become surprisingly deaf.

Still, TV isn’t quite ready to give up the career-girl-in-the-big-city show once small and bold type Both completed their runs. For Proof, Look No Further Than Watched With Enormous Hatred Emily in Paris Also created by Darren Star – a surprise Netflix phenomenon that is currently shooting for its second season. series is already announced that provoking playwright Jeremy O. harrisso is joining his cast, possibly indicating a tonal shift—though it’s possible that Harris will spend his screen time wearing robes and slinging bon motts. in between, starz series run the world Equally ready to take small and bold type Fans are looking for their next easy binge.

And then, of course, is hbo max sex and the City Revivalhandjob And Just Like That. Set to film this summer, the show will be waiting for its descendants to take on the escapist slacker — and it also seems like it’s learned a lesson or two from the inspired show. Sara Ramirez as already inserted The show’s first non-binary character (One podcast host, no less!), suggests at least the start of a new era—though as Vanity Fairof casi da costa wrote in januaryTaking the show forward with progressive ideas will require more than lip service.

Considering their shortcomings and old stories, why do shows like this persist? Maybe it’s because they love drinking a chilled glass of rosé on a hot summer day: sweet, but crunchy, indulgent, but not overly so. shows like this bold type and small Gives viewers a chance to sip on a fictional universe full of perfectly dressed outfits and late-night get-togethers—one that also features notes of social commentary, an awareness of issues that matter to those women. Blahnik who also wants to see a pair of Manoholos. After watching an episode of either, there is a craving for a sour taste, perhaps a buzz, and another pour. Above all, like a fast: Even if these shows are bad, they are good too.

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