From the market: Dr. Umar Johnson marries TWO women


Dr. Umar Johnson is on the market. The famous psychologist tied the knot this weekend with two beautiful women.

Johnson married the two women after giving a speech, according to EURweb. In an Instagram video, Johnson got on his knees as he placed a ring on all of the women’s women.

One of the women graciously holds the bouquet of the other sister’s wife while Johnson puts a ring on her finger.

The 47-year-old clinical psychologist then embraced his wives. Later, he stood among the radiant bride as people cheered.

Johnson belongs to the ranks of black men who vote not traditional relationships such as polygamy in a society where women are more than men.

In a 2017 interview with EURweb‘s Lee Bailey, Johnson sot:

“Because we are self-hating people, we like nothing more than conflicts and a good fight between each other. That’s why every time something negative happens, it gets more attention than something positive.”

Johnson, who is also the founder and president of the National Independent Black Parent Association (NIBPA), said:

“I am on a mission to unite African people, and to raise awareness among black parents about their obligations to protect their children in these homes from sin, otherwise known as public schools. The war on black boys is one of the “Big crises against black America. So as an activist and as a school psychologist, I can bring both my livelihoods together to try to help and benefit the struggle of my people.”

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