Frustration and chaos at the pumps as drivers panicked to buy fuel in North East Lincolnshire

Long panicked queues of buyers led to chaos at the pumps as concerns about fuel shortages arose due to the lack of HGV drivers delivering to the forecourts.

The chaotic scenes began at 6 am, when the forecourts of the gas station were already packed with drivers at the pumps.

There was a constant queue at most petrol yards throughout the day, with lines of cars pouring into the entryways of some stations.

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It has triggered fears that other providers will soon follow, as a number of BP and Esso garages across the country have to close due to driver shortages.

It has been suggested that the shortage of HGV drivers is exacerbated because of it. coronavirus With the pandemic and Brexit, shippers are asking the government to reduce restrictions to allow more foreign drivers to enter the country.

Drivers lined up Sainsbury’s Gas station on Corporation Road, Grimsby.

Supermarket staff said drivers knocked on windows at 6:30 this morning to persuade operators to turn on the pumps.

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Queues at Tesco Cleethorpes this morning
Queues at Tesco Cleethorpes this morning

One staff member said, “We have plenty of fuel, but if people continue like this, it will definitely cause famine. It’s been nonstop all morning and people keep coming.” said.

Gas station visitors said pretty much the same thing, with one driver saying: “I drove around a few gas stations this morning and there seem to be huge queues everywhere.

“It looks like there’s been panic buying all over the place and it’s definitely more intense than usual at the pumps.”

Elsewhere, the situation for drivers queuing in the city for gas looked pretty much the same.

Drivers lined up at gas stations this morning, fearing that fuel would run out soon.
Drivers lined up at gas stations this morning, fearing that fuel would run out soon.

NS Tesco on Hewitt Street, Kleethorpeswere visibly frustrated with the queues, with drivers deciding to leave the forecourt entirely after seeing the queues.

At one point there were so many people trying to get to the gas station that cars lined up on the A1098.

One witness said: “People are driving and changing lanes with cars at a depth of four to five at each pump.

“Many people left the fuel station soon after seeing the queues piling up and I can’t say I blame them.”

There were similar scenes in Ellis Way, Grimsby. Cars were re-queuing at the mini-roundabout to prevent customers from leaving one side of the parking lot.

Panic Buying Oil at Sainsbury's, Grimsby
Panic Buying Oil at Sainsbury’s, Grimsby

One driver said: “There’s quite a wait here as people wait to get to the gas pumps. They should be at least three quarters deep.

“It’s so bad they’re now pulling back into the mini roundabout and preventing people from leaving the store. In the end, a series of cars had to drive through those waiting to get gas if they wanted to get out.”

Transport Minister Grant Shapps urged drivers to just “continue as normal” and not panic buy.

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He told Sky News: “The recommendation would be to continue as normal and that’s what BP says.

“They say that on an average day, there are a handful of gas stations that they have to close out of 12-13 hundred stations.

“The problem is not new. There has been a driver shortage for months during this pandemic because during the curfew, drivers failed the truck HGV tests and that’s what’s causing this problem.

“But there’s a lot more testing going on right now so we should see it recover pretty quickly.”

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