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Funding for four Minnesota transportation projects included in Biden budget


boost Mobile. Janet Moore of The Star Tribune reports:Biden has set aside $2.5 billion for some 25 public transportation projects across the country, including four in Minnesota. The President’s proposed budget recommends that the Gold Line bus-rapid transit project be expected to receive $100 million of the $239 million from the federal government. The $532 million Gold Line, which will connect Union Depot in St. Paul with Woodbury, received a ‘medium-high’ rating from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). However, the FTA has placed the proposed Bottineau Blue Line light-rail extension ‘under review’, with its federal funding ‘to be determined’. The project remains in the FTA’s funding queue, but its status is unclear.

Insert the boiling frog metaphor here. MPR’s Karsti Marohan reports: “Oxygen levels in freshwater lakes in Minnesota and around the world are falling — a trend driven by climate change and human evolution, a new study shows. The findings could be a sign that trouble is ahead for Minnesota lakes that provide vital habitats for cold-water fish species, and that more harmful algal blooms may occur in their future. The study, published Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature, was the first to look at changes in temperature and oxygen in a large number of lakes around the world.

back on the line. The Associated Press’ Rod McGuirk and D-Ann Durbin report: The world’s largest meat processing company is coming back online after a cyber attack disrupted production around the world, just weeks after a similar incident of the closure of a US oil pipeline. Brazil’s JBS SA said late Tuesday it had made “significant progress” in tackling the cyberattack and expected the “vast majority” of its plants to be operational on Wednesday.

no brainer. Bring me news reports: “Organizers and supporters of an online petition are aiming to rename Diet Avenue in Minneapolis after a eugenicist. The petition on Change.org had reached more than 300 signatures as of Tuesday morning, with a target of 500. … Diet Avenue is named after Charles Fremont Diet, described by the Minnesota Historical Society’s Amnopedia as ‘Minnesota’s most ardent and persistent supporter of eugenics’. He served as a professor at the University of Minnesota and was elected to the Minneapolis City Council in 1914, all while leading a ‘crusade’ to bring eugenics to the state.

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