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Fusion for Business has pledged to create up to 50 new jobs by the end of 2022. – Consett Magazine

Locally-based energy and procurement specialist Fusion for Business has announced ambitious expansion plans that will allow the company to employ 50 additional staff members over the next 12 months, giving Consett massive job growth.

Fusion for Business seeks talented people in the local area to help them fulfill their mission of protecting the world from energy and carbon waste by challenging the outdated energy supply chain and the way buildings are managed. The company, which started operations after winning a grant in January 2020, Department of Business Administration Energy and Industrial Strategycurrently employs 20 residents, which has successfully expanded after helping thousands of UK businesses save on energy costs. This expansion will help the company scale its existing sales department as well as grow its Community Ambassador Program, supported by the Newcastle Falcons and Consett Football Club, which helps local UK sports clubs access new revenue streams and sponsorships.

Local resident and company CEO Christopher Charlton said: “Since I have lived in the local area for a long time, I have always wanted to create opportunities to help support the local community. I know a lot of people have to commute for hours every day outside of Consett for work. Every day I was faced with a 2-hour journey in traffic, which ultimately creates an unequal work-life balance.”

In 12 months, Fusion for Business has helped more than 1,000 businesses with their business energy needs, and this expansion plan will enable them to reach even more.

samuel lind The director of operations for Fusion for Business adds: “Businesses across the country are still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes Fusion for Businesses the offering set that helps customers save on energy costs today, tomorrow and yesterday more important than ever, and we need more people to help us reach as many customers as possible.

This expansion will also help conserve wildlife habitats in the local area, as Fusion for Business maintains 1 acre of land for every client they help through their partnership with the Durham Wildlife Trust. Currently, Fusion for Business supports and protects more than 200 acres in Rabbitbank Wood.

If you want to know about available opportunities, please visit fusionforbusiness.co.uk

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