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Game 5. NBA Twitter with 40 points of Luka Doncic in 3 quarters for


Luka Doncic lit up the LA Clippers again in Game 5, and NBA Twitter was left in awe.

Luka Doncic has only played in 11 career playoff games, but he has already built a reputation for himself as an absolute killer—especially in these against the LA Clippers, the only team he has played so far in his two postseasons. encountered through.

Through the first four games of the series, Doncic averaged 33.3 points, 8.3 assists and 8.0 rebounds in one night, while averaging 48.6 percent off the field and 40.9 from 3-point range. percent shot. his Dallas Mavericks The draw was tied 2–2 with the mighty Clippers, a team with title aspirations, with neither team able to win a single game at home.

Because Doncic was battling a neck injury, it was unknown how effective he would be in a crucial Game 5 at Staples Center, especially after scoring 19 points in Game 4. Thankfully for Mavs fans, he was more than up to the challenge, rekindling the Clippers and leading his team to a 14-point lead in the final frame.

The reason for that double-digit gain? Doncic had 40 points in the first three quarters. as you would expect, nba Twitter was completely perplexed at what the 22-year-old was doing for one of the best teams in the league.

NBA Twitter Couldn’t Believe What Luka Doncic Was Up To

Of course, the main attraction can be found far and wide for those who wanted to re-live what the Donsic was doing to protect the Clippers.

The glee he ended with so easily from Tim Hardaway Jr. was simply unreal, even with repeated viewings:

All the reactions seemed like ordinary adoration for the young superstar, who was once again getting knocked out in his second NBA playoff series.

The Mavericks also had some concerns about the acute lack of help to their franchise star:

Overall, though, it was hard No To revel in what Doncic went through so early in his playoff career:

The Clippers put pressure on Dallas with a run in the fourth quarter, pulling within a point in the final minute and even taking a good look at the basket gave them the lead. But the shot went out and Mavs was able to close it off the free-throw line.

Doncic finished his night with 42 points, 14 assists and 8 rebounds, while shooting 17-for-37 from the field, including 6-for-12 from 3-point range. The series now moves back to Dallas for Elimination Game 6, where the Mavs will try to become the first team to win a home game in the series.

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