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Gareth Southgate’s personal challenge to Aaron Wan-Bissaka could help Manchester United – Steven Railston


If England reach the knockout stage of the European Championship and are exploited in wide areas by Cristiano Ronaldo, Leroy Sane or Diogo Jota, Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s stock could really rise this summer.

Gareth Southgate announced his squad for the Euros on Tuesday and while most players were looking forward to a phone call from the Three Lions boss, the decision to turn down Wan-Bissaka had already been made, although it would be crucial for England to progress. may prove costly.

Wan-Bissaka has fallen prey to the unusual depth and quality that England right-backs have at their disposal, but Kieran Trippier, Kyle Walker and Reece James all lack a unique quality Manchester UnitedNear the right.

While it would be outrageous and false to claim that Wan-Bissaka is the only English right-back who can defend, the 23-year-old has built a reputation as the Premier League’s smartest one-on-one full-back.

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So, who is Southgate the best defender in that position? Sometimes the truth hurts, but the honest answer can actually be found with Wan-Bissaka’s counterpart on the left side of United’s defense.

luke shawHis renaissance this season has been exceptional and his return of form, to a level that has established him as one of the country’s most exciting prospects, has been one of the key factors in United’s continuity in the league.

Yes, Shaw is United’s left-back, but that role doesn’t define the player who has dazzled this season, his scintillating runs ahead of him becoming a staple of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side’s attacks, His goal against Manchester City is a fair reward for his tireless morality. .

In the modern-day game, full-backs can no longer just defend, the demand for those positions is constantly changing with almost every new season as football evolves and speaks volumes that Southgate has ‘for the Euro’. The right-back to attack is selected.

Do you think Wan-Bissaka should have gone to the Euros? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Southgate has sent a clear message to Wan-Bissaka: adapt or die, but if the former Crystal Palace man rises to the challenge and answers the call with a superior attacking performance, it will be his career both at club and international level. will help.

Wan-Bissaka has often disappointed United for lack of quality and contribution in the right direction and he needs to see the example his teammate Shaw has set to take his game to the next level.

Southgate may regret not including Wan-Bissaka if their side’s defensive shortcomings in the full-back zone at Euros are exposed, so if that happens this summer, United’s right-back will certainly be He clearly needs to prove that he is ready to step into England’s next stage. link up.


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