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Gear Review: Osprey Arcane Large Day


It’s not often that I get excited about the Day Pack, but there’s something special about the Osprey Arcane Large Day.

After a few months of testing the arcane large day, it’s still my go-to daily pack.

I have to admit that in the past I’ve enjoyed larger loader day packs, but since travel has stopped for the time being, I’ve downgraded my gear to lighter loads on my walks and limited the need to carry. Enjoyed the luxury of doing big bag.

But that’s not the main reason I’m worried about Osprey Arcane Large Day. Made of 100% recycled, durable fabric and long-lasting metal components, this is a stylish as well as being a sustainable option.

Here’s my gear review on how I’m getting on with the Osprey Arcane Large Day.

Highlights of My Osprey Arcane Large Day Experience

I love the look and design of the Osprey Arcane Large Day; It is compact in size and sleek in structure, and it feels great when you are out.

Whether in an urban environment or hiking outdoors, it’s rather practical and a great all-round backpack for day trips or a weekend escape.

This is also completely a . turns into mobile office When you want to make a B-line in a cafe; With its internal organization pocket, laptop sleeve and flask holder you can pack up and be on your way in no time if you want to be mobile for the day. This is a lovely piece of kit for last-minute escapees.

One aspect I love about the Osprey Arcane Large Day is how incredibly comfortable it is to wear as it has well-ventilated padded back support.

When the backpack was completely full, I was happy to wear it. It is perfectly designed for long distance walks.

Despite its tiny 20-liter capacity, you can pack a lot in this small space—it’s an all-day pack with a sleek design.

Hand luggage has gotten smaller these days on budget airlines

Osprey Arcane Large Day

One of the biggest reasons to look to pack a smaller day is the recent restrictions on hand luggage from European budget airlines.

Now, most travelers traveling to Europe can only carry a small private bag in the cabin for free.

Your bag should not measure more than 23cm x 20cm x 40cm, which doesn’t leave you much space as it is pretty much the size of a laptop bag.

With these dimensions in mind, the Osprey Arcane Large Day (45cm L / 30cm W / 22cm D) just surpasses the measurements and is up to the challenge.

But for a weekend getaway, it can be a perfect choice for lighter loads.

normally i would load my Cabin luggage to the max To avoid paying for checked baggage, and I’ve enjoyed this lifestyle for some time. Especially when traveling long distances, it is a light feeling to travel with only the essentials.

To escape the European weekend, you can dramatically reduce your load and plan a few days by carefully packing into the Osprey Arcane Large Day. This solves the issue of paying for cabin baggage on these European airlines.

Highlights of Osprey Arcane Large Day

Osprey Arcane Large Day

The Arcane Large Day is a stylish, fully equipped pack designed for the active-everyday lifestyle. Happy to share with you the key features of this day pack as this pack is packed with them.

– Metal buckle and components for long lasting build quality.
– A stretchable pocket on the harness that can be used for easy access for small items like tickets, sunglasses, mobiles, hand gel. Rather easy.


– On top, you can find zippered scratch-free sunglasses and electronics pocket compartment for easy access and protection.
– Stretch mesh side pocket, perfect for holding your water bottle or thermos flask.
– Made from 100% recycled fabrics that are really great and have a PFC free DWR coating.
– Dimensions (CM): 45L / 30W / 22D – 20 liters load. Unisex Design.


– There are two padded sleeves, one for your laptop and one for your tablet for added protection.
– Amazing padded back support for added comfort when in use.

Osprey Arcane Large Day is a top sustainable choice

Osprey Arcane Large Day

The Osprey Arcane Large Day is made from 100% recycled, 100% PFC-free fabrics, making it a great sustainable option.

Produced from industrial waste, it is highly durable and is tested in harsh environments to ensure that it will last.

The mysterious packs are made with highly durable fabrics. The tough metal component complements the durable design to ensure longevity on the trail.

Committed to the green chemistry, arcane packs use a PFC-free durable water repellent coating.

This season Osprey has launched a limited edition, Arcane Large Day in Hemp, made with a 100% sustainable hemp and recycled polyester blend.

thanks for reading my gear review


Thanks for passing the blog on and reading my gear review about the Osprey Arcane Large Day.

I am happy to find such a great day pack to use at the moment and cannot wait to try this out on more adventures in the future.

If you have any further questions about this day pack, please contact us by email and I’ll be happy to help.

happy travels!

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