George Clooney takes a fun dig against Ben Affleck to destroy the Batman series

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George Clooney is another Hollywood superstar who has played Batman on screen. In the mid – 1990s, he starred in “Batman & Robin”, widely regarded as the worst Batman movie ever. He recently dug into Ben Affleck for destroying the Batman series by playing Batman in Zack Snyder’s Batman movies.

Several actors over the decades have played Batman on screen, most of them quite successfully. But there have also been cases where the actors got the character so wrong that it hurt even their toughest fans. 1997, in such an era, George Clooney put on Batsuit and played the crossed crusader in the Joel Schumacher movie “Batman and Robin”. Now, som Ben Affleck just finished his run as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, George Clooney dug on his “dear friend” for destroying Batman. This was partly due to the fact that the Clooney starring Batman movie had essentially met the same fate as Ben’s Batman movies, directed by Zack Snyder.


  • Ben Affleck screwed up the Batman series
  • George Clooney and Ben Affleck dig at each other

In the mid-1990s Warner Bros. took the bold step of hiring Joel Schumacher to direct the next Batman movie, starring the then-superstar George Clooney. It was a time when superhero movies were not the norm. Therefore, fans of the character and the superhero movies in general waited a lot for the movie to be released. The film was released in June 1997 and proved to be a colossal critical and commercial failure. It even threatened Clooney’s career, which went high on the success of his latest films. Since the gigantic debate in a movie, Clooney has been very apologetic for having the lead role in that movie. He has even taken public digs at the film on many occasions.

George Clooney takes a funny dig at Ben Affleck for destroying the Batman series
George Clooney takes a funny dig at Ben Affleck for destroying the Batman series


WB made some major changes and restarted the series in the mid-2000s with Christian Bale starring ‘Batman Begins’. It became a huge critical and commercial success. All three films in the series were acclaimed and are regularly considered the best film franchises of all time.

So when Ben Affleck joined the list of Hollywood A-listers to play Batman, in director Zack Snyder’s version, fans were really mad about his appointment as the next Bruce Wayne / Batman. But he stopped silencing the critics after doing a good job at it. But he could not save the films from becoming debacles. Although the two Batman movies he starred in, ‘Batman V Supermanand Zack Snyders Justice League‘, is about to become a cult classic, these films played a major role in the late DCEU.


So when George Clooney got the chance to dig on Ben, he did not miss it. The strange thing was that both actors are known for being good friends with each other and have praised each other in public. The excavation came in an interview that George did with “We Got This Covered”. Asked about Batman & Robin during the interview, Clooney said he did not want to work with Ben Affleck for obvious reasons. He said that Ben had destroyed the Batman series that he had done so solidly. He also continued to dig himself for destroying the 1997 superhero movie.

George’s sarcastic tone hides a great deal of dissatisfaction with himself about his work in ‘Batman & Robin’. He was never seen playing Batman on screen again and it was also reported that George had paid money to the disgruntled fans for the pain he caused by having to sit through that abomination of a movie. That said, this latest dig at Ben’s Batman seems too sarcastic to be taken seriously.

Tell us in the comments if you think Clooney is still bitter about his performance in ‘Batman & Robin’. Also tell us who has been your favorite Batman on screen among everyone?


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