May 9, 2021


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Georgia closes most vaccines due to low demand: NRR

Although Georgia’s vaccination rate is very low in the United States, the state is closing out mass vaccination sites. Efforts are shifting to the target.

Marie Lois in Trouble, Hotel

When it comes to immunization rates, Georgia is near the bottom of all states, but in the midst of low demand, the state is shutting down most mass vaccines. Georgia Public Broadcasting is working to find people who can get vaccinated if someone makes it easy.

Unknown Person # 1: Goodbye

Grant emptiness, Lynn: It is morning and cold like a snake around St. Paul’s AME Church in Macon. But winter is coming, and air conditioning is constantly going on – that’s very expensive. The line is to sign up for local non-profit support for future energy bills.


Empty: Reverend James Baker gives people anti-disease benefits when they check in.

Did James Baker not get your vaccines yet?

Unknown Individual No. 2

Baker: We do them this morning, and we make $ 25 Walmart cards.

Empty: Baker takes people to the tent at the end of a traffic jam around the church, and the gift cards are used to sweeten the deal. This is the first non-scheduled COVID-19 vaccine event in the area at a local hospital.

Baker: Did you find both? Convince her when they turn around this way, okay?

Empty: Vaccines still need an appointment in Georgia, sometimes at huge sites that can produce thousands of bullets a day. But with the support of such immunization programs, those will be closed in May, the amount will be ten. Carol Badcock, the director of the pop-up, said the populations were targeted at people who did not want to be vaccinated, but could easily.

Carol Babicock: We will register everyone who needs the vaccine and we will get all the vaccines in one go.

Unknown Person No. 3: Promise You Will Be Safe.

Empty: Ula Faye Johnson came to her room for help but was stuck in a shooting …

Ila Fei Yohannes: I’m just scared. (Laughter) And then if you’re talking about Johnson and Johnson one and you – you know, that’s it – it puts my fear in me even more.

Empty: She is getting a Python, but alleviating such fears will be a big part of preparing the ground for future vaccine populations. Established by Stems Abram and until recently, the fair census in the United States is shifting to COVID vaccination education and accessibility. Field worker Stephen Galloi is uploading one-page brochures at the doors of the Macon Tatal. They have some information about COVID vaccines, as well as a web address and phone number.

Stephen Galawai – Do you want one, Lord?

Empty: Mildred Elam takes one.

Gallery: If you go there on the website, it shows everything you want to know about.

MDRDRED ELAMS: I am vaccinated by the Holy Spirit.

Emptyness: Galaloni says that Elam’s response was the first for him.

Galileo: But in such cases, you know that it is not good to preach.

Empty: In St. Paul’s AME, James Baker does not have such problems. In fact, as a church leader, he says it is his duty to preach about COVID vaccines.

Baker: I could give the Bible. Faith without works is dead.

Empty: He sees that the vaccine is a gift from God and he is not afraid to sell it to people like Ula Faye Johnson. Now she is scared.

Unknown Person # 4-Finished. It’s all done.

Johnson OK

Anonymous # 4: OK? You’re done.

Empty: And when she woke up today, she got the vaccine even though she didn’t know she was going to get the COVID vaccine.

I hope Johnson is well. If she does well, my daughter will probably come because she is afraid.

Empty: The editors say it would be great here. They will return next Thursday. And every stroke counts in the arm.

Anonymous # 5: I did it, yes.


Empty: and every reason to comply with the COVID vaccine.

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