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Georgia Tech lands Rivals250 LB Jaron Willis


Commitment breakdown: Georgia Tech lands Rivals250 LB Jaron Willis

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Georgia Tech only signed one full-back in the previous recruitment category so adding more players in that category is their priority. Jeff Collins and his staff got off to a great start by adding state midfielder Rivals250 Jaron Willis.


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What do yellow jackets get

Willis brings an athletic and physical presence to the defensive side of the ball. He does a great job of going down the slopes and doing plays on the field. Willis is adept at clearing barriers in open spaces, which is one reason he always appears near the ball. Willis shows a good sense of being covered in space and does a great job of playing ball. He might not be the long and skinny full back out many coaches hope, but he still has a good size and plenty of room to fill his hull. Plus, Willis is very explosive and has no problem playing plays around the field. He definitely doesn’t lack speed either.

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Why is this important to GEORGIA TECH

Georgia Tech is an excellent addition to Georgia Tech and it was important to them to keep it in the state as well. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Willis on the field with the yellow jackets as a freshman. His presence should really be helped by Legion Backs. Jeff Collins and his crew did an excellent job of keeping Welles out of Florida, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, and Olly Mays, and he grew up as a Seminole fan, so Florida had a very strong attraction. He said he would keep visiting until that was something to watch

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