Germany passes 100,000 Covid deaths that the Netherlands DAYS away from choosing which patients to “rescue” in virus crisis

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GERMANY has crossed the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths in connection with Covid as Europe’s furious fourth wave breaks records for daily infections.

Slovakia declared a state of emergency and overwhelmed doctors in the Netherlands are said to be days away from having to ration who receive life-saving treatment.

Doctors in the Netherlands are facing the need to ration critical care for Covid patients


Doctors in the Netherlands are facing the need to ration critical care for Covid patientsCredit: Reuters


Several nations have introduced new deadlocks or restrictions in an attempt to curb soaring infections across the continent.

The increase is due to the relatively low uptake of vaccines compared to the UK and a lag in the decision to provide booster jobs.

Germany is even considering making vaccines mandatory warnings from Angela Merkel the coming winter will be “worse than anything we have seen”.

Today, the German Disease Control Authority announced that it has registered 351 more Covid deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 100,119.

It will be the fifth European country to pass that mark, after Russia, Great Britain, Italy and France.

The outgoing Chancellor Merkel has already announced stricter restrictions for unvaccinated citizens, such as a ban on restaurants and concert halls.

But she warned yesterday that they are not enough to stop a “dramatic” increase in cases and said that hospitals will soon be overwhelmed.

With only 68 percent of the population double-clad, Minister of Health Jens Spahn said that it is crucial that more people receive protection.

He warned: “Probably by the end of this winter, as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or killed.”

Slovakia – in the midst of the world’s fastest rise in infections – yesterday declared a 90-day state of emergency with a two-week shutdown that closes all unnecessary shops.

President Zuzana Čaputová warned people to stay indoors with the nation: “Slovakia loses the fight against Covid.”

This follows a similar total shutdown in Austria and new restrictions in Greece, the Netherlands and Romania.

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Hungary all reported new highs in daily infections on Wednesday.

“Gloomy and worrying”

Dutch hospitals are facing a crisis with an increase in the number of admissions to intensive care units.

Diederik Gommers, head of the ICU’s national association, warned that doctors are ten days away from having to ration critical care.

He called on parliamentarians to impose stricter locks, including closing schools.

The country has already been under a partial shutdown since November 13, but Health Minister Hugo de Jonge acknowledged that more restrictions planned for December will begin tomorrow.

He said: “The picture is gloomy and disturbing.

“The turnaround we want – must – see this week, to ensure that the pressure on healthcare does not become too high, must come soon, otherwise we will have to force it.”

Italy is also tightening the rules for the unvaccinated with a “super green passport” needed to enter bars, gyms and sports arenas.

The bodies pile up

The fourth wave has already seen bodies that pile up outside the hospital morgue in Romania.

The World Health Organization has warned that Europe can see another 700,000 deaths by spring.

Eastern Europe is likely to be particularly hard hit as the number of vaccines is much lower.

The EU Public Health Agency U-turned this week and now recommended booster jobs for all adults for months after the second dose.

It said lower hospital stays in the UK and Israel showed how effective the boosters are at preventing serious illnesses.

At the same time, it was claimed to be avoided The Oxford / AstraZeneca shock could also have made Europe’s fourth wave worse.

The manufacturer’s manager says that their vaccine provides longer protection than Pfizer or Moderna, which is more commonly used on the continent.

Last weekend saw three nights of violent rage as tens of thousands protesters took to the streets of European cities to protest against stricter Covid rules.

Protesters caused chaos in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark and Northern Ireland.

At least 130 people were arrested in the Netherlands and in Brussels on Sunday, police fired water cannons and tear gas at protesters.

A crowd of 40,000 marched through Vienna on Saturday shouting “dictatorship”, while about 6,000 people protested in the city of Linz on Sunday.

Angela Merkel warned that this winter will be


Angela Merkel warned that this winter will be “worse than anything we have seen”Credit: Getty
Only 68 percent of Germans are fully vaccinated


Only 68 percent of Germans are fully vaccinatedCredit: AFP
Slovakia is in the middle of the world's fastest increase in Covid infections


Slovakia is in the middle of the world’s fastest increase in Covid infectionsCredit: Reuters
A new deadlock sparked furious protests in Austria and several other nations


A new deadlock sparked furious protests in Austria and several other nationsCredit: Getty
WHO Europe warns of a possible increase in deaths in connection with Covid and the EU could pass two million deaths in March 2022

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