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Get ready to run for the oceans on the Palm Jumeirah with Adidas and Parle


On 28 May, the adidas x Parle Run for the Ocean returned for a fourth year, continuing its commitment to urgently address potentially devastating levels of marine plastic pollution in the oceans.

In support of this global campaign, adidas unveiled a floating walkway on the water at The Point, an iconic waterfront dining and entertainment venue on Palm Jumeirah. The floating track extends 250 meters across the water, and is accessible from the eastern side of The Point.

To access the walkway, passers-by are invited to scan a QR code displayed at the sign-up station located at the entrance to the walkway that will take them to the Adidas Running App https://adirun.app/Pirn Join the Run for the Oceans Challenge and kickstart it at The Point. Early sign-ups are encouraged for a chance to win a free Run for the Oceans t-shirt, as stocks are limited.

Educational contact points are located along walkways where passersby can learn more about the Adidas and Parle movement. In addition, the touchpoints will help them better understand the importance of uniting together to end plastic waste pollution and the impact each kilometer walk can have.

The walkway will be open to the public daily from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m., and if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to see The Palm Fountain Show up close. To make your experience extraordinary, adidas announces a spectacular custom show every hour after the Musical Fountain.

Adidas and Nakheel are no strangers to promoting sustainability, with Nakheel committed to a wide range of sustainability initiatives in its development. Since 2015, Adidas has made more than 30 million pairs of shoes with Parle Ocean Plastics – plastic waste intercepted on beaches and coastal communities, preventing it from polluting the oceans. The built walkway further emphasizes the efforts of Adidas and Nakheel in working together for a more sustainable Dubai.

Commenting on the initiative, Gail Sangster, property director at Nakheel, said, “We are hosting this incredible initiative at The Point to raise awareness about marine plastic pollution and inspire residents to be active changers in the region In line with our ongoing sustainability efforts, Run for the Oceans is another great addition to an exciting line-up of sustainable initiatives, such as monthly beach cleanups, parks and natural sites at The Point But Nakheel’s community cleanup and our unwavering efforts to preserve marine life in our oceans and sanctuaries.”

Unite and run for the oceans between May 28 and June 8 by signing up and tracking your runs via the adidas running app https://adirun.app/Pirn. Adidas will clean up to a maximum of 500,000 lbs, weighing the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles, for each kilometer run. For more information and to sign up visit https://www.adidas.com/us/runfortheoceans. go to

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