May 9, 2021


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Getting Started will help Epic Games to expand its VR training platform

The Australian Virtual Reality Initiative, an American video game company behind the online game FortNit, recently received a $ 100,000 subsidy (approximately $ 13,000,000 AU).

What it does

Launched in 2017, Vantari VR will host a VR training platform that uses flight-simulation technology to help doctors and students understand practical and life-saving procedures. To address training issues in hospitals and universities, the forum combines virtual coaching and performance monitoring.

Why it is important

He said in a statement that financial support would help expand the training platform globally and in turn save more lives.

“The financial support from Epic Mega Grant is not only for us, but for all the doctors who come now, the training is well-organized and well-monitored and will change the lives of thousands of patients. According to Vantari co-founder Dr. Nishant Krishnantan, they have been greatly reduced by medical malpractice.

Launched in 2019, the Epic MegaGrants program supports game developers; Organizational experts; Media and entertainment creators; Students; Teachers; And developers behind the technology behind TV series such as Star Wars Mandalorian and Infinity Blade.

Vantari was credited for the forum’s creativity, loyalty and practicality.

This was not a first aid kit. He previously earned MVP Grant in 2018 and ACN in 2019. Vantari also plans to close a $ 2 million fundraiser in June.

The biggest trend

VR technology has already been used in medical education, especially in laparoscopic surgery.

Two years ago, a similar company was founded in the UK Basic VRIt raised $ 5.67 million in a series of funding to raise a surgical training platform that combines VR and haptic sensors.

Immersive VR technology Bone VR It has also been used to assist surgeons at the Newcastle Surgical Training Center for complex procedures.

On record

“The aid gives us confidence that we are on the right track and that it has a lot of energy. Instead of being a technology company trying to get into the medical field, Vantari VI is a business run by a medical professional (…).”