‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ avoids Woke Lectures, scores big at the box office

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Now, that was not so hard, was it?

The 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot did everything to alienate the fans who appreciated the property. The film has its studio, Sony, and costs reported $ 70 million.

The new sequel, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,“does everything possible to connect with the franchise’s fan base. And it’s just wildly checked in the box.

Deadline states that the film earned $ 44 million over the weekend and “blown up in the heartland.

The 2016 film earned $ 2 million more during its opening weekend. It had the benefit of a mid-summer release when teens and pre-teens were out of school. Plus, it opened years before a pandemic coaxed some moviegoers to wait until movies hit streaming services.

The release date of “Afterlife” has also been hit several times due to this pandemic, switching to possibly hurt similarly juggled titles like “No Time to Die” and “Black Widow”.

Box office analysts estimate “Afterlife,” which features members of the 1984 film in their iconic roles, would generate approximately $ 30-35 million. Sony has announced a $ 28 million box office haul.

What has changed?

Sony has licked its big wounds, prompting the son of original film director, Ivan Reitman, to steer the ship back to safer waters. Director Jason Reitman, who also co-wrote “Afterlife,” was recognized last year plus fans of the film.

No insults, just messages suggesting that his film corrects the mistakes made by the 2016 edition. In fact, “Afterlife” completely ignores this reboot, and connects directly to the myth of the saga.

What went wrong last time? Well, to be honest, almost everything.

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The stars, director and a key Sony executive have expressed disappointment that the original cast for four female “Ghostbusters” has been encountered. The press weighed in next, suggesting that no one is on board with the all-female restart was a misogynist. (Something similar happened a few weeks ago like you The press celebrated Marvel’s awakened “Eternals” despite its modest boxing results.

The film’s first trailer was uploaded digitally on YouTube, and drew a lot of bad reviews from potential moviegoers.

After that, the “Ghostbusters” team became political.

The marketing team performed the new quartet next door Presidential Hope Hillary Clinton on “Ellen,” the film hammered out feminist agenda.

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All of the above, plus a movie that could be best described as mediocre, temporarily dropped the franchise. Sony has halted plans for a new wave of “Ghostbusters” content.

Hollywood is often slow to learn a lesson. The industry still thinks wake content with viewers will score, for example, despite much evidence to the contrary.

It took flop after flop during the 2000s to realize studios The Americans did not want to see the US military neglected during war time, no matter how they felt about the Iraq war.

This time, however, Sony deserves a lot of credit. The mega-studio course corrected, and now the brand “Ghostbusters” is back.

It is worth noting Sony cast $ 144 million in 2016 restart, Compared to a much smaller one $ 75 million for “Afterlife.”

That, plus a lot of goodwill directed at his target audience, made the difference.

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