Glasgow’s new director of education from South Ayrshire

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Douglas Hutchison is currently the Executive Vice President of South Ayrshire. Council but will take over from Maureen McKenna in January next year.

Retiring at the end of December after 14 years of service, Maureen announced that she would resign in September and began searching for a replacement.

“It is a privilege to take on this role and I look forward to working with selected members, education colleagues, families, children and youth to build on what has already been a very positive success story in education in Glasgow,” Douglas said. said.

A former Religious and Moral Education teacher, Douglas was Director of Education Services and Head of Education at South Ayrshire Council before becoming People’s Director and Deputy Director General in 2018.

She worked as a teacher and Chief Educational Psychologist at a boarding school for young people with social, emotional and behavioral needs.

Prior to his South Ayrshire Council assignments, Douglas worked as an Education Inspector. Scotland.

Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken said: “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Douglas Hutchison, who brings with him a wealth of educational experience, empathy and knowledge, and to give him a very warm welcome to Glasgow.

“Douglas will lead our team of senior executives and school staff and continue the innovative work and transformational change in the city’s learning and teaching that has resulted in significant increases in achievement and achievement for our children and youth.

“Teaching in a big city like ours can often be challenging – but despite the problems many of our families face – our schools and daycare centers have never been more successful, and it’s all thanks to the hard work, dedication and passion shown by Maureen’s team, head office staff and all our staff in schools and kindergartens.

“I want to thank Maureen for her determination and hard work during her time as our director of education – she is a dominant force of nature and her legacy will live on in our students and their families and will continue to influence many for years to come.

The task now falls to Douglas to nurture our schools and nurseries and to create a new legacy and vision for our children and youth, and I wish him every success in his new role.”

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