May 9, 2021


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Glenntran ‘0-0’ Lundfield: ‘It’s impossible’ to leave Blues’ Premier League title now

It was a great day in the Dansk Premier League as the first round of post-division games threw a lot of drama at both ends of the table.

hris Johns Robbie McDaid’s free-kick in the Big Two derby saves Ben Doherti Collins’ double victory over Cliftonville.

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Lynffield’s Chris Jones saves Robbie McDonald’s punishment (David Magnins / Pacheker Press)

Glenteran 0 Linfield 0

“It would be impossible if Glentran’s assistant manager Paul Millar Linfield did not win the league title,” he said.

The big two played an Oval 0-0 draw on Saturday afternoon, with Robbie McDaid seen Chris Jones ‘last penalty, and the Blues’ Andy Waterworth header off the edge of the box.

Linfield puts him seven points clear of top-flight rivals, with four games to go, and Millar has been ruled out of the main competition.

“It is almost impossible for them not to win the league, considering where they are and how far they will go, and we are upset about that today,” he told Radio Ulster.

It does not sound like a defeat, but we are really discouraged. The first half was tight but we controlled the second half and obviously we were also disappointed that we didn’t see the penalty when we were able to win.

“Everyone misses penalties and the league does not win in one game; He lost one season and lost. I thought it was a weak punishment. He didn’t hit him well, he was close to the guard but Robbie lifted his head and forgot to dust himself.

We had a really good chance of winning that today. Tuesday is a big game against cholera here. And it will be difficult. We dust ourselves off and get ready for another final.


Cholera’s Ben Doherti overcrowded after free kick against Ciltonville (Desmond Logar / Pachemerker Press)

Cholera 2 Cliffeville 0

Two of Ben Doherti’s penalties helped keep Clipvilleville 2-0 at Showgrounds.

The Red Devils dropped Matthew Chevlin twice in the box and sent off goalkeeper Aaron McCarthy, giving the Bannsiders a crucial victory.

Although it looked like a soft call after McCarthy lowered Shevlin, the lock was broken for the first time after Dohery converted a free kick.

And for the goal frame, James McLawlin doubled the Bands’ lead before the break just to see the heaviest 35-yard half-volley thunderstorm return from the crossbar.

Although they started the second half brighter, the Reds’ challenge was compounded when they were beaten twice in ten minutes.

First, Mackerel saw Chevlin throwing red in the box a second time, only to find that Doherti had to relinquish his position.

Cliffenville saw plenty of balls, even with one more person, but they tested Martin Gallagher enough and never worked full-time.


Balimena Coffee Balmer spins after scoring against Glennan (Andrew Macrol / Pachmerker Press)

Balimena United 3 Glennavon 1

In the second half, the gap in the seventh round was reduced to three points after Salme’s 3-1 win over Glennon at the Ballem and Masaya.

Paul McLeroy, Shai McCarthy, and Coffee Bemmer all scored for Brightman, while Calvin Douglas’ late strike was only a consolation for Lurgan Blues.

The visitors had two early shootouts in handball, Danny Karkis tried Jordanon and Williamson but were denied by either side with a header in the box.

Towards the end of the half, Balimena started to look for their feet and Makatan picked up two good stops from Craig Highland, one from header and the other from a well-taken free kick.

He always had something special or unusual to break the deadlock and he was the last in this case, and it was Balimena who made the profit.

Cian Ward’s back pass was very short and allowed McElroy to steal, the attacker fortified Highland and got his goal from an emergency post.

There was an outburst of anger, with each player except for two goalkeepers, James Silton and Joshua Kelly receiving a yellow card.

He then secured the result with 20 minutes to play Maccartar, Andy intercepted Belmer in the box and secured all three points from 12 yards in the future.

After that, Belmer added his own one to score the goal, and Douglas struck a stunning strike for the club’s first goal of the afternoon.

Portadown 1 Warrenpoint Town 2

Alan Osulivan claimed a 2-1 victory over Portsmouth in the second half on Saturday afternoon.

The two sides were level at half-time after Adam Salley’s equalizer was canceled out by a fraction of a point.

Danny Wallace took the first real start of the game from Jacob Carney and lowered Warren Point’s keeper into the goal.

He was then rewarded with a side-by-side lead, with Paul Finnegan intervening in the box and Sally converting from 12 yards to give the Portsons the lead.

However, that leader was short-lived, even though MacAffrey’s equality challenged Carney in the box and ended up at a narrow angle when he was not called.

Osulvan was left out of Ryan Swan’s six-yard field goal and the visitors had to leave soon after, but the striker was able to make the most of it.

Fortunately, Warren Point lost nothing, and a few minutes later, Osuluvan bought Daniel Beer’s header into the net.

Barry Gray was enough to claim his first win in 14 league games and put the visitors on the table with one point.