Golden Retriever wears owner’s socks to prevent muddy paw prints at home

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A dog owner has found an inexpensive and simple solution to keeping a golden retriever from getting muddy paws in the garden.

The idea arose when the pup constantly left muddy paw prints at home after coming from outside.

Jody Bates, from South West Wales, says that seven-month-old Kobie loves to get his paws dirty from digging, and this becomes a regular habit once the weather gets really wet.

Jody resorted to using two pairs of her own socks and putting them on her dog’s feet to see if it would help reduce the cleaning needed.

Jody Bates
Kobie would cover the entire kitchen floor with muddy paw prints.

The simple trick worked much better than expected, Kobie enjoying his new socks. Since then, Jody has bought Kobie his own boots to keep the clutter at bay.

Jody, 32, said: “He is good-natured but has a sly, mischievous side. My garden gets extremely muddy when it gets wet, and Kobie loves to dig. He can’t help himself and digs up all the soft spots. He also likes to eat mud.”

Jody is a project sales manager and currently works from home. While she works upstairs, the jeweler has full control of the garden and kitchen.

Jody said: “When it’s wet, I go downstairs to check on it, and the kitchen is always full of muddy paw prints. It takes a few mops to clean, but there was once a whale in the yard.

Jody Bates
Kobie likes to wear his socks (left) and boots (right) to dig and has learned to wait on the mat

“We tried using a mat that I taught him to wipe his feet – but he tried to eat the mat.”

Kobie doesn’t like to be thrown into the water, so Jody got ideas after mat training failed, but this last-minute hack is something anyone can do if his dog lets it.

She said: “She’s only going to shower when she’s in the bathroom and I can’t take her upstairs when it’s so muddy, so I decided to try my socks on her to see if you could mind wearing something on her feet.

Jody Bates
Fortunately, Jody has a door in the kitchen to protect the rest of the house.

“He went out with my socks on and he was absolutely fine, and when he came back I took the socks off and washed them instead of struggling to wash his feet.”

Kobie now enjoys the transition from sock to boot while digging and saves muddy claws, muddy socks, and the ground isn’t as muddy as it once was.

Jody said: “He’s so used to them now that he’ll have his paws for you to sit down and put them on. We also have a super absorbent mat he’s on when he walks in.

“I recommend anyone with the same problem to buy a good spin mop.”

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