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Good Idea or Bad Idea: Trading for Julio Jones | Sports news and news

For those who are a fan of NFL deals, word comes now A broadband receiver may be available for the right price On the eve of the 2021 NFL Project. This player, Julio Jones, would become, if traded, the first step in demolishing and rebuilding the Atlanta Falcons, the team that has lost its way since its arrival at Super Bowl LI. So, if you were a competitor, would you trade in favor of Julio Jones, and if so, at what price? Or, has history shown us that you don’t need to define a broad recipient to become Super Bowl Champions in the NFL?

It took only ten seasons for Julio Jones to reach the top 20 in all arenas. Jones did so with an average of 15.2 yards per reception, a slightly better pace than all-time NFL leader Jerry Rice, and one that puts him in fifth place among those who are in the best 20 yards in league history. However, at 32 years old, Alabama’s sixth public choice may have seen his best days in Atlanta, with the Falcons unlikely to continue producing at the same level he achieved during the first decade of his career. This leads us to the question, what is his trade value?

Part of the reason Julio Jones trades so far from hawks is money, with broad recipients reaching $ 23 million against the cap in 2021 and $ 19 million in 2022. It is this huge number that is preventing Atlanta from taking any steps before this year’s draft, forcing them to wait until June 1.Street When any “dead money” can be distributed over two seasons. However, teams know Julio Jones might be available and they contact the Hawks.

Matthew Stafford was said to have become a better midfielder after the retirement of Calvin Johnson, the Hall of Fame wide recipient, as he no longer felt the pressure of having a number one player in passing style. History shows us that finding solid broad receivers works better than relying on a single star, even if good at Julio Jones, to withstand crime. For this simple reason, I think any team that trades for Jones will make a mistake.

When you add a fair expectation of diminishing returns over the next two seasons due to his age, you will have to agree that any team will trade for Jones’s name and reputation as much as it will for his ability on the field. As a result, unless you can get Julio Jones at a discount in the trade market, moving to him is likely to do more harm to your team than help. The future Hall of Famer would be a great piece of attack, but not enough to put any team over the top in their quest for a Super Bowl Ring in 2021 and beyond.


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