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GOP staff – Ken Buck ‘sold to swamp’


House Republicans and Freedom Caucus colleagues told Brittart News that Representative Ken Buck (RC) was selling “swamps” between Washington, D.C., and Republican Liz Cheny (R-WY). It was to develop the media and to encourage green card payments, which would benefit a lot of technology.

Freedom Caucasus and Republicans have condemned Bach as he continues to defend the controversial Cheney. Republicans have criticized Cheney for continuing to attack former President Donald Trump and the US First Forum, criticizing the Republican leadership for obstructing the Republican leadership and taking over the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

According to some House Republicans and Freedom Caucus activists, Buck recently opposed Trump’s first US presidency.

The Colorado Republican Journalism Competition and Protection Law (JCP) continues to ask for a draft law that would allow media companies to create a map that would encourage technology companies to be more censored and favored.

It’s a buck Lobby Despite opposition from Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (RCA), Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Sena Marsha to the bill. Blackburn (R-TN) Buck says so Racked For JCP. From the lobbyists’ biggest donations since his inception.

A senior GOP assistant told Brittart News: “Obviously, what is Ken Buck thinking? He stands for Leis Cheny, opposes President Trump, and is now pushing for a more powerful draft. Washington Post And New York Times – Similar networks that regularly attack Republicans and push false news. Is he asking to take the lead? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? ”

Colorado Republican as well Allowed To express her displeasure with the Republican Party and Trump, before the House Republicans took a third Republican to oust her.

After the vote, Chenin, to remove Bac is there“Liz Cheny was fired today for speaking out and disagreeing with President Trump’s narrative.”

People think Buck is for sale. He is rich enough to sell his book in Congress, ”he told Brittart News.

Buck Wrote The book Turn off the swamp Washington’s corruption is worse than you think 2017

He is a special member of the Freedom Caucasus who continued to win Trump’s America’s first stage in support of the Colorado Republican international. Buck, with Reporter Zoe Lofgrin (DHA), has Pushed Justice for High-Capacity Immigrants, or HR 1044, which will serve as a major manuscript for the Great Technology and Export India lobby, allowing India to dominate the US green card system for the next ten years.

“Ken Buck helped Kamala Harris get a bad green card and led Big Tech. Buck has made no major Big Tech improvements, advocating for the first Caucasus talks in the United States, and advocating for the Newcomer Lexus. Buck initially supported globalization. Buck is not conservative. Buck is an outspoken opponent, ”said another member of the Freedom Caucasus.

Buck, who is facing opposition from both conservatives and Trump celebrities, said he would welcome opposition to Cheney and big tech laws.

“I’ve been looking for a way out for six and a half years. So, if this is an exit strategy, that’s fine, ”Buck said is there.

Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller responded with a “note.”

Sean Moran is a congressional correspondent for Brittart News. Follow us on Twitter @ SeanMoran3.

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