Grace Cummings, Power Supply and more

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Every fortnight, Beat Magazine collects the best new Melbourne/Naarm bands and artists making their way online, underground and on the radio.

For those of you who want to plug their ears with the emerging top acts, in this column you’ll be dealing with Victoria’s best every fortnight.

During these two weeks, we enjoyed Grace Cummings’ new instant classic, the chirping guitars of Power Supply, and the cinematic spirit of Let Your Hair Down.

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Grace Cummings

Grace Cummings comes years ahead of her time at the first taste of her new album Storm Queen. The opening track, ‘Heaven’, positions Cummings as the album’s title suggests – a tough and strong songwriter with a backing voice.

‘Paradise’ is raw and restored to its bare foundations. Cummings’ extraordinary voice is at the forefront here, left to speak for itself over guitar lines that gracefully, hypnotically float and rise around each other. Watch out for Grace next year – Storm Queen Big things are destined for him when he lands in January.

Storm Queen releases January 14 via ATO Records.

Power source

Made specifically for breezy backyard arvos with a beer in hand, Power Supply is the next big pub rock band to take Melbourne by storm. ‘Let’s Do This and Let’s Do This’ is just a small taste of what’s in store on their debut album In the Time of the Saber-Toothed Tiger, and with his chirpy guitars and light heartedness he sets the stage perfectly.

A very local act – the records are printed by Program Records in Thornbury, the jackets are printed in-house by Zenith Records in Brunswick, and all members are longtime community members – Power Source captures everything we missed about seeing live bands in the past few months. From their low energy to their humming, these kids have a bright future ahead of them.

In The Time of the Saber-Toothed Tiger is out on October 22 via Anti Fade Records.

let your hair down

College Of Knowledge has spent the last 12 months paving the way for the future of jazz, soul and funk in Melbourne. The label continues its hot streak, with Surprise Chef, The Pro-Teens, and Karate Boogaloo posting to bolster their reputations. Waiting roomis the debut album by some kind of supergroup Let Your Hair Down.

Formerly known as The Let Your Hair Down Girls, the group is already receiving international hype from the likes of Bradley Zero, Tom Ravenscroft and Miles Cleret of Soundway Records. The band is no stranger to the Melbourne scene either, initially formed as a side project for the much-loved soul group Saskwatch and set themselves apart by bringing a cheeky pub rock soul to their usual soul-jazz formula.

‘New Year, New Me (Who ‘Dis)’ is the perfect compendium of what they do best: the funky psychedelia and boogaloo sounds of Melbourne’s rock bars drenched in booze and sweat, all captured through a cinematic lens.

The Waiting Room is out now via College Of Knowledge.

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