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Grandparents killed in cable car crash due to flight to Italy deadly days before boarding, but flight delayed in Gaza conflict


The grandparents killed in the horrific Italian cable car accident were only there because their flight was delayed due to the massacre between Israel and Gaza.

Yitzhak, 81, Barbara Cohen, 71, with grandchildren Tom Biran, 2, his parents Amit, 30, Tal, 26, and nine others. Disaster in Piedmont، Italy.


Yitzhak and Barbara Cohen died along with three other members of their familyCredits: Facebook
Amit Biran, his wife Tal, and his son Tom were all killed in the crash - Ethan, on the right, survived.


Amit Biran, his wife Tal, and his son Tom were all killed in the crash – Ethan, right, survived.
Three people have been arrested in a cable car accident


Three people have been arrested in a cable car accidentCredits: EPA

The elderly couple had decided to avoid constant conflicts between them Israel And Hamas as militant missiles It crashed in his hometown of Tel Aviv.

However, a Sun Online fan was delayed by a week due to a serious collision due to the condition of the flight they had booked.

And it is sadly thought that if it were not for this delay, they might not have been in the fateful cable car that killed them.

After returning all five coffins of the family to Israel and resting this week, 73-year-old Bezalel Karwat spoke to The Sun Online.

He was a family friend and had worked with Yitzhak for many years at Israeli airline El Al.

“His entire trip was delayed by a week due to the conflict in Gaza,” he told Sun Sun Online.

“If he had gone as planned, I think he would have left before the catastrophe.”

Mr. Croats revealed that he actually called Yitzhak when he expected him to be at home, but found that he was not in Italy yet.

They were an old couple but lived a good life in good health and looked forward to other good years

بزالل کاروات

Eaton, another of Yitzhak and Barbara’s great-grandchildren, actually survived the accident – but is now without her mother and father.

While Ethan was hospitalized in Turin, Italy, the Biran family was buried Thursday morning in a village in northern Israel.

Ethan is said to have shouted at his parents When he woke up from a coma and was still under intensive care – the same The only survivor of the fall.

The young family lived in Pavia, Italy, for four years after migrating from Israel, and Amit hoped to complete a medical degree.

“The funeral was very sad. There were a lot of people there – family, friends, former colleagues,” Mr Carwat told The Sun Online.

“The family told her life story. They were an old couple, but they lived a good life in good health and looked forward to other good years.

“The children and grandchildren were all crying and saying it was a great tragedy.”

“He was a happy man who loved his job and liked to be with people.”

“At the family’s intimate funeral, everyone pledged to take care of Ethan like his very kind parents,” said committee chairman Rafael Barkey.

Doctors said his condition remained “delicate” after injuries to his skull, chest and abdomen, as well as various leg fractures.

Resources from Regina Margherita Hospital since then He became the “last hug” of his father It was the only thing that diminished the impact of the fall so quickly.

“The father had a strong structure, perhaps the last instinctual embrace to protect him from death saved him,” an Italian news agency quoted a source as saying. TGCOM24.

Photographed moments before the disaster


An image taken moments before the disaster

Italian police have arrested three managers The cable car operator is accused of deliberately deactivating the brakes, which can prevent the car from flying backwards when the cable is cut to prevent delays in the operation.

“It was a conscious choice, quite a conscious one. That’s it,” Olympia Bossi told reporters.

“It was not an occasional omission or forgetfulness. It was a conscious decision to disarm … Disabling this emergency system to fix the problems we were told, the technical problems that were happening on the line,” he added. . “

The aerial tram has been “abnormal” since its reopening on April 26, and has “traveled” for several days and made several trips, according to Bossi.

According to local reports, the cable car system underwent major maintenance work between 2014 and 2016 and was inspected by expert technicians in 2017 and last year.

According to reports, the wires did not appear to be replaced until 2029 Jerusalem Post.

About 14 people lost their lives in the accident - the only survivor of Ethan


About 14 people lost their lives in the accident – the only survivor of EthanCredits: AFP

Italian news agencies named the three suspects as Luigi Nerini – chairman of Ferrovie del Mottarone, the company that runs the cable car – and two other executives, Gabriel Tadini and Enrico Procio.

“Although a maintenance team came to solve these problems on May 3, they have not been resolved yet,” Alberto Ciconani, a local Carabinieri police official, told Radio Radio.

“To avoid further service interruptions, they preferred to get out of the ‘fork’, which prevents emergency braking,” Cicognani said.

He claimed all three men He admitted what had happened.

A teddy bear was left outside the hospital with the message: “Hello Ethan, you have to fix it. I leave my son’s stuffed animal for you to play with and sleep with. I love you. A mother. “.

Witnesses say disaster They heard a “hissing sound.” Local mayor Marcella Sorino said that when the line was broken.

He said the car deviated from the lane until it was thought to have hit a pillar before falling to the ground.

It is the first fatal crash in Italy since 1998, when 20 people were killed when a jet supporting a US Army low-flying aircraft crashed on a ski slope.

Emergency workers arrive at wreckage of a cable car accident in Italy that left 14 dead

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