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Grass Games to Enjoy – The New York Times


For thousands of years, people have played the game of grass, with a variety of tools, such as cows, pigs, balloons, sharp sticks, and loose stones. There are some interesting local variations of old Pecorino tires, such as the Swedish Cube, the German Hammershalagen, and the Italian Rozzola.

But the games suggested here are rarely e-related (no chess wheels are needed) and no one needs a court of law, with a fair amount of flat grass or dirt or gravel. In most games, players go one by one, which makes them one-off. Along with Shuttlecocks, there is little reason to handle the same things that many hands need for a game. Grass-covered games in the afternoon are a low-key, low-cost, public health option, and whether or not you open the rules for open containers while playing is strictly up to you.

The origins are arguments. Some historians return from the French game of Pale Mail, while others watch the Irish play against the Bristmist Mallet of Crokei. In the 1860s, the cricket, as we know it, became hot all over Britain and was soon sent to various colonies.

The popularity of some birds makes it a popular way to flirt, as it is a rare sport for men and women to play together. (Some religious leaders have denounced it as immoral, Perhaps a good sign that it was very fun.) “Women wear special crocodile clothes that are a little smaller than usual, so they look at the ankles, etc.” said Ms. Bodi. Collections are available for less than $ 30 these days, even though there are tools to come London Jack, Designed for collections from the 1800s, will run you a little further.

Jane Austen knew how to have a good time – cover, gardening, wig And In 1808, she wrote to her sister that she and her nephew had taken Badminton, a field game, a battlefield, and a shotgun. “He and I practiced two mornings together, and we improved a little bit, we repeated three times, once, twice, six times.

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