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Great attractions to try in Saudi Arabia


The Saudi government, located on the Arabian Peninsula, covers large areas of desert deserts and old urban communities and has completed its investigation. Travel to places where you have not seen many guests and experience a unique scene.

Travel Guidelines in Saudi Arabia They have been open to the travel industry in recent years. Most holidaymakers come here to take part in trips, but the various types of travel industry are also slowly evolving, mainly with the advent of visas. Since 2013 was a simple event, some visitors can apply online or in person. Others must apply to a Saudi political office.

Government of Saudi Arabia The population is 27 million, 8.4 million unknown residents included. Riyadh It is the capital of Saudi Arabia.

E-visa to Saudi Arabia

Make sure you are eligible to apply for an e-visa for Saudi Arabia And apply online today!

  • The Evisa to Saudi Arabia It is an electronic visa that allows qualified citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia
  • The Saudi Arabian government has handed over the Irsasa to Saudi Arabia 2019 To encourage applying for a visa and freeing the nation for those who do not know the travel industry
  • Saudi Arabia Online Visa is a different transit visa that allows multiple visits Each duration of 90 days Saudi visa is online Works for 1 year From the date of issue.

Qualified citizens can complete the day Saudi visa application Online in just a few minutes.

It is important to fill out the Saudi Arabian version of your personal and identity information and travel tips and answer a few questions to get a valid Saudi visa by email.

Great attraction to try in Saudi Arabia

  1. Travel tips for Mecca and Medina

Some support guidelines for explorers are the full acceptance of the blessed areas of Mecca and Medina Accessible to Muslims only. The Islamic Prophet Muhammad was brought into the world in Mecca and covered in Medina.

The travel industry is strong in both urban communities. The highlight of Mecca is al-Masjid al-Haram or the Grand Mosque of Mecca. During the Hajj, an unusual pilgrimage that lasted only seven days a year led many Muslims to the mosque Visit Kaba, Or the house of God that fans often have to drive.

  1. Going to the capital

It is one of the city’s most important tourist attractions Masamak Fortress, Which refers to the strong. It is guided by the use of dirt and mud blocks and is Now the Exhibition Hall. When you’re done learning about history, go to DeerahSouq and explore this typical business center.

is it Great place to buy souvenirs. If you want to take Ganda to higher ground from different places, then, on the 99th floor, the shell that connects the two government building heights is the right decision.

  1. What to find in the desert

One from Saudi Arabia The main correct milestones are Madain Saleh In the northwestern part of the country. It was the second largest city after Nabataean, followed by Jordan Petra.

Provides travel 131 Unusual tombs carved in stone With intricate bandages to filter. These tombs were carved out of sandstones, and there was a great separation between them.

  1. Activities in the Red Sea and Assir Mountains

It occupies the second-largest city on the Red Sea coast Jida. The city that shares the Red Sea is a combination of everything, food, and individuals. Taste and Spices Market It is especially interesting for trips.

Assir Mountains It is very exciting to have a special investigation in the southwestern part of the country and it can be reached quickly Up to 3,000 meters high. It rains here in different parts of the country, and the fragrant ones light up their hair.

  1. Travel east

Al-Hofuf is home to one of the world’s most important creations in the East. That’s why you should explore one of the desert springs, which is rich in streams and vegetation.

they said Many old walls In the old city to explore.

Last words

Browse Saudi Arabia by Electronic Visa. Although they seem scuba diving In the Red Sea or Jeep-riding In the desert, Saudi Arabia has everything you need!

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