May 9, 2021


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Great church artist we’ve got around the net: Sam Miles

Over the years, there have been only two things we’ve found great around the net – great art and the artists who make it. With that in mind we wondered why it wouldn’t take the first week of the month to showcase more of these great artists? “We’ve found great actors around The Net.” Welcome to “We’re an artist in this column and we’re focused on the awesome art they create, whether they’re amateur, newcomer, or well-established. Ask a few questions to see the source, impact and much more If you are a great artist or know someone with a specialty feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected]This month we wish you a great …

Sam Miles

Sam Miles is a painter and graphic designer based in London and Essex, United Kingdom. Currently represented Strange Brew Agency.

Sam is studying graphic design, graduating from the Colchester Institute in 2015. However, Sam sees himself becoming self-taught in painting from a very young age, drawing and doodling all the opportunities he gets. His influences range from science-fi, fantasy and everyday life to all kinds of media. While Sam’s imagination is expanded by film / TV, video games, and literature, any good story told by a particular medium can instantly captivate him.

Sam is always on the lookout for his next big project that can challenge and express his own creative skills, as well as work on his own personal projects. Sam’s best work comes from when he is challenged and his creative skills are pushed. Through constant research and practice – he comes from Sam’s desire to always push and improve himself to be the best artist of all time.

Sam has an ever-growing online fanbase, which he never accepts. He needs to work harder and do better to provide more and more inspiration to his followers online.

Joblo: What started you as an artist?
Miles: I’ve always been creative from a young age, various TV shows and movie characters always inspiring me Drawing career-based without knowing what I wanted to do, being a graphic designer seemed like an understandable option. Not just financially it looks like it will be a pretty safe and creative job. So I studied graphic design through college and university. After graduating in 2015, I jumped straight into graphic design, but a year later I realized it was for me and not being creatively mocked. Then I started discovering some incredible painters and poster artists on Instagram and all of a sudden it clicked যা all I wanted to do was create a movie poster! It has to do with my love of drawing and my love of film. So in 2016 I decided to jump into direct freelancing as both a graphic designer and a painter. Taking various commissions from book covers, album covers and T-shirts to help me build my portfolio. Eventually I started making movie posters for independent films. I then started participating in Posterspice’s creative summary because it was a great way to gain my skills as a poster artist and be part of a great supportive community of other artists.

Eventually, I started working on Universal and Netflix as well as participating in exhibitions with Hero Complex Gallery and Gallery 1988.

Growing up who were your favorite artists?

My idea was that when I was growing up I was never inspired by any particular artist, I got stuck trying to do my own work and was originally inspired by cartoons like Dragon Ball Z and stylized, visual film and scene city like the 300’s. But video games also had a huge impact on me, because I like to see the concept art for video games and the artistic talent behind them and all the work that goes into special scenes and characters.

Who do you actually dig up these days, follow on Instagram?

Nothing really changed since I was little, I was very much influenced by movies and video games. However, I am more aware of what specific design and color schemes are in film or video games and why and how I can take it and be inspired for future projects. For any particular scene, I’ll look at it separately and see what works visually and how it adds to the emotion of the scene: for example rain can intensify a scene, while a red sunset can help emphasize a more embrace. Character.

In the case of artists, there is so much to name! But there will be some names Christopher Love, And Mamford, Colin Estrada, And Why Taylor.

What would be your advice for emerging artists today?

As much as the clich can be heard, the hull will not be let go. I wanted to leave many times during my career because I never felt good enough compared to other artists and I could never build it as a ‘successful artist’. Looking back on where I was a year ago, 2 years or even 5 years I can see how much I have improved and with the clients that I am now working with. Your career as an artist can only get better as you improve and make sure you work efficiently and make time for your friends and family outside of your work life. Working as a freelance artist may seem like 24/7 work (and it is most of the time) but make time to enjoy life outside of work.

What should we look for in the future?

At the moment I am lined up with a dozen show Hero Complex galleries, which will be published throughout 2021 depending on one of the epidemic situations. I’m working with a big TV show in the UK on a lot of big images here so hopefully that will air this year. But I mostly work with different clients, be it album covers, T-shirts or movie posters. While working on my own personal work as well, since I’ve only created work for myself, it’s nice to focus on this year.

As a fan site, you have to ask … what are some of your favorite movies or TV shows of all time?

Whenever I ask this question I always talk about Dragon Ball Z growing up because it had such a huge impact on all the actions and explosions of color on my young mind. I always drew characters and scenes from the show. I’m also a huge fan of superhero movies and it seems impossible to like the likes! However, the 300 films also remained one of my all time favorite films, as I was immediately fascinated by the film’s unique style. On the other hand, the notebook is also one of my equally favorite favorites (unknown I know). And a few more movies on the list: Christmas Vacation, Peanut Butter Falcon, Tennessee D, Crazy Fool Love, Drive, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. So it is quite diverse.

In the case of the TV show: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, South Park, You, Picky Blinders, It’s Always Sunny, The Witcher.

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