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Great dishes to try in Oman


The cuisine and food of a country are often an essential part of any journey. In addition to cooking, Oman also convinces you as a guest.

Unless you come from a country that does not require a visa to enter Oman, you will need a visa to Oman. If you are a citizen of a Gulf Cooperation Council, you can enter Oman without a visa.

Since March 2018, It is now easier to get a visa for Oman. you can Apply for Oman E-Visa Online, But you can still get a visa when you sign up. This change should allow you to get your permission with less effort and longer waiting times.

If you want to get an Oman visa when you arrive, you have to wait a long time online. You can save yourself this problem with your electronic visa for Oman. The application process usually takes about five minutes.Visa to Oman – Apply online Follow a recognizable three-step process and try the best Oman dishes!

Great dishes to try in Oman

# 1 Laban

Laban is a soft drink in Oman. You will find this refreshing drink in all parts of the country. To make the feathers, yoghurt is mixed with butter and refined with spices such as caramel or pistachios. You can enjoy the salty drink as a meal, between meals or at mealtimes.

# 2 Shua

Omans often eat Shuwan on holidays such as Eid. You have to try it anyway!

Shua means fried meat, and its name speaks for itself. Incredibly tender beef is served with delicious side dishes such as rice, bread, soups and salads.

# 3 Mashuwai

Are you a fish lover? Then you have to try Mashuai!


  • Roasted King Mackerel
  • Creamylemonsauce
  • Fragrances from Oman

# 4 Squeeze

They know how to flirt. Before roasting the beef / chicken, the cheeses are smeared with curry powder. There is usually hot, oatmeal bread.

# 5 Magnus

Although Magibos was originally from Saudi Arabia, he used different names in many Arab countries. It consists of rice, vegetables, meat, lamb, chicken, and spices, and is served with juicy salads, oatmeal bread, tomato sauce or yogurt.

# 6 days

One thing is for sure in Oman; You can’t avoid dates! Fresh or dried fruits are always used to prepare desserts. The local people also eat after the meal.

# 7 Halwa

Halwa is a popular Oman dessert, usually served in a large bowl and in several spoons. Each guest is free to do as they please.


  • Sugar
  • Rose water
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Spices
  • Fruits

# 8 Kahwa

A delicious meal is served with delicious Arabic coffee. If you order a priest in Oman, you will receive a strong, bitter, but fragrant coffee in a small cup. In most cases you will taste a little caramel that will stimulate you.

Final Thoughts

Is your mouth watering? Understandable! But Oman offers more than just food.

Stunning landscapes, high-rise buildings and hospitality!

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