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Green List Countries: All Sites with New Covid Travel Rules


Australia, Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel are among the 12 countries and territories on the government’s “green list”.

The designation means that people in England can return from holiday without having to isolate themselves when they get home.

According to Boris Johnson’s roadmap to facilitate the closure of England, May 17 is the first to be allowed to travel abroad for leisure.

Countries will be classified in red, amber or green, with different quarantine requirements and tests.

People traveling to a greenlisted country will not have to isolate themselves back and will only need a post-arrival test.

Arrivals to England from an amber country must be quarantined at home for at least five days and do a minimum of two post-arrival tests.

While those returning from a red list country have to stay in a quarantine hotel for 11 nights at a cost of £ 1,750.

Green list

New Zealand
Portugal, including the Azores and Medira
Faroe Islands
Falkland Islands
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

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