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Green listing occurs: Safe countries for travel to be advertised as foreign policy declines


Most European countries should be on the green travel list, says EasyJet bosses

Holidaymakers have finally learned where to go this summer without isolating themselves corona virus on his return to the UK, after the government published its travels “green list” today.

New car engines, which go green, amber or red, are expected to have fewer countries, such as Gibraltar, Israel, Portugal and Malta, listed as a tourist destination that does not require isolation on return.

The listing will be based on a number of factors, such as the number of people who have been vaccinated, the number of diseases and the number of new strains.

It came as IndependentTraveler Simon Calder answered questions from our readers about countries that could travel to the UK “green list” as well as test rules that make up vacation.

Meanwhile, there is a growing fear of the spread of Indians Covid-19 disease variety in UK groups found in several categories a England.

The Covid version has been upgraded to “other requirements” by Public Health England such as cases have been found in schools, social centers and places of worship in the North West, London and the East Midlands – though numbers remain low.


There is no ‘significant increase’ in summer vacation before the announcement of the green list

Summer holiday prices did not rise before the government announced a green list, the UK’s largest company insisted.

Tui’s chief executive officer in the UK and Ireland, Andrew Flintham, said it would “be a long time” for travel agencies before negotiating a profit increase.

He sells to the BBC Breakfast“Our prices are stable, durable. It’s great if, frankly, year after year. There’s no big increase there.

“We have a lot of vacation to sell. I think every seller has.

“It will take a long time for the idea of ​​trying to raise prices to make more money. We want people to leave the holidays, to have a good time, because we think they all really deserve it.”

Samuel Osborne7 May 2021 14:07


The PM says the UK should be ‘more careful’ on Indian nationalities

Boris Johnson said the UK should be “very careful” about the Indian version of the Covid-19 which is now “worrying” health workers.

“I think we have to be very careful in this regard,” the Prime Minister said on Friday.

“We are doing a lot, obviously, to make sure that where we find the explosion of other Indian species that we try to test, we try door-to-door and isolate ourselves.

“Also I have strong control over the movement and the influx of people.”

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 13:52


Nepal is facing a similar “humanitarian” crisis similar to India amid Covid-19 operations

Nepal is facing a “humanitarian catastrophe” similar to neighboring India as a result of the Covid-19 criminal wave that has been showing daily infectious diseases.

In a joint statement, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has warned several hospitals that they are overcrowded with Covid-19 patients as well as southern towns near the Indian border have not been able to cope with the high number of cases.

Our correspondent, Mayank Aggarwal, with the full article below:

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 13:32


You can find more disturbing stories of the Indian Covid genre below:

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 13:14


JCVI’s statement on the provision of alternative antiretroviral drugs to children under the age of 40 at the AstraZeneca jab, if possible, can be found in detail below:

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 13:08


The Indian Covid version has grown into a ‘variety of concerns’, Public Health England confirms

One type of coronavirus that was first discovered in India has grown into a “need for other” due to the high number of cases, Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed.

Statistics show that the difference has increased from 202 to 520 last week, with nearly half of these cases related to walking or contacting a traveler.

The disease is spreading across the country, mostly in two places – the North West, especially in Bolton, and London, says PHE.

He also said that the idea of ​​reorganizing the nation was based on evidence proving that it is possible to be known as Kent.

However, PHE says there is currently “insufficient evidence” to suggest that some species that have recently been found in India cause serious infections or make the vaccine ineffective.

A modified trial, designated VOC-21APR-02, will be sent to areas where there is evidence of community mobilization.

“We are looking at all these types very carefully and have decided to make these as some of the concerns because it shows that VOC-21APR-02 is a flexible alternative,” said Dr Susan Hopkins, Covid-19 Strategic Response Director at PHE.

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 13:02


“The smallest variation” that occurs in the blood of men and women, “said MHRA chief.

There are “minor differences” that occur as a result of blood transfusions in men and women, MHRA chief executive Dr June Raine said.

“It’s something we at MHRA are looking at very carefully,” Dr Raine said at a conference on Friday.

“As you may recall, we initially thought that the apparent difference in the number of rarely frozen blood cells – in women – was due to the way the vaccine was administered.

“But now we know that there are very few differences that appear, and it’s something we look at very carefully to make the right advice.”

He added: “There are two main points in this – one is that this is very rare, and [the other is] that any differences we are currently looking at are slightly different and that we need to investigate. ”

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 12:50


Simon Calder’s vacation advice before announcing the ‘green list’

I have an issue with the government traffic control system just a few hours away, our expert Simon Calder has answered some of the most important questions from our readers about the summer holidays.

For those countries that have come to the UK’s “green list” for testing laws, you can find the tips below:

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 12:39


UK regulators working with other countries on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine crisis

UK regulators are working with other countries to use the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine “to learn as much as they can” about the potential causes of jab problems, the director of Medicines & Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said.

A European pharmacist said last month that there was “a possible connection” between the vaccine, also known as Janssen, and a rare blood clot.

Jab has not yet been offered a job in the UK, unlike the AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

“There are indications that it can show the same security [to the AstraZeneca jab], “Dr June Raine told a briefing on television.

“What we are doing is working around the world and the areas where the vaccine is being used to learn as much as possible, as our acceptance process progresses.”

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 12:33


Corruption cases in families again in England, ONS statistics show

About one in 1,180 households in England had a Covid-19 week to May 2, down from 1,010 last week, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics.

This figure is the lowest for the week until September 5, 2020, when the estimate was one of 1,400.

Currently, the figure was about one in 2,070 in Wales, down from 1,570 last week, and about 1 in 750 in Northern Ireland, up from 940 last week.

The Scottish figure was about one in 760, down from one in 640 last week.

Conrad Duncan7 May 2021 12:25

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