Greg Abbott’s ban on vaccine mandates exemplifies the Republican philosophy of “doing what a 3-year-old would do.”

Republican politicians have long been willing to set aside certain conservative principles for the good of the group. Their concerns about deficits do not apply when deficits are created by tax breaks in the upper class, while their concerns about government spending do not apply to spending directed at entrepreneurs, e.g. those in the defense industry, who often employs former Republican officials.

However, the MAGA era has accelerated the abandonment of actual conservatism to the point that there is almost nothing left of it that animates the party’s decision. For example, Republicans have long argued that “major government regulations” are a problem and that local officials should have as much autonomy as possible. They have entered ignores that thought when, say, a blue city in a red state wanted to raise the minimum wage. But the notion of local control has been completely abandoned under COVID by one Republican state government after another. tried to prohibit cities and school districts from setting public health requirements. This week, for example, the administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis imposed a $ 3.57 million fine for a county for violating state law against “vaccine passports.”

An even more shocking betrayal has hit entrepreneurs. One of the Republican Party’s most consistent historical missions in all branches and levels of government has been to support the right of companies, large and small, to impose conditions on their employees without interference from regulators or unions. But not anymore: This week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an enforcement order prohibit private companies in his state from requiring their employees to be vaccinated. Senator Ted Cruz has made a little more trivial and gratifying news in the same vein by issuing statements of support for NBA guard Kyrie Irving, whose own employer (the Brooklyn Nets organization) just announced that it will not allow him to participate in games or drills until he proves he has been cracked.

As the Texas Tribune explaining, Abbott’s edict violates federal COVID rules for many employers and will almost certainly be questioned in court; Two Texas-based airlines with pre-existing wax requirements (US and Southwest) have already simply said they do not plan to change their policy. (A Texas judge only extended a restraining order against another airline, United, which is trying to put unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave; that judgment is not related to Abbott’s order.) But it is a symbolic attack on the privileges of business owners that is particularly remarkable given the heat South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has received from Trump-adapted media and activists for refusing to issue a similar ban.

If local governance and business owners ‘rights are no longer at the heart of Republicans’ priorities, then what are they? The usual, half-joking answer is that the party’s main mission in the MAGA era is simply to own libs, which in practice means attacking any policy or value associated with Democrats. And to some extent, that is the operating logic when it comes to COVID. As late as the end of August was Abbott firmly defends Private companies’ right to mandate or not mandate what they want. But that was before President Joe Biden announced that some employers would be forced by the occupational safety and health administration to require vaccinations. The Republican position has therefore become an employer may not do so, even if they would for practical reasons plans for return to the office, employment needsor customer preferences.

But Republicans have long campaigned on the basis of giving the middle finger to progressive scholars. What is probably different now is that the group of knowledgeable people has expanded to include anyone who says to an upset MAGA supporter “no”, even if that person is the owner of a company, a election in a county Trump won, or a real MAGA-adapted elected official like Noem. This position is draped in rhetoric about personal choice and bodily autonomy, but Republican politicians only celebrate individuals who do choice to avoid vaccination. This refusal – like the refusal to acknowledge negative events such as the 2020 election, or even negative ones thoughts if for example the role of racism in American history—Is the value they actually feel they need to prioritize. In this light, almost the idol of Donald Trump – a businessman who is actually not good at running a business, and who usually ends projects in disputes with his lender, entrepreneurs, and customers-is appropriate. The only thing Trump is really good at is being rude.

Those with young children will recognize the party’s behavior as “defiant” or “oppositional”. It has no purpose other than demonstration of authority, but the fact that it is essentially meaningless does not make it less powerful, easier to deal with, or less destructive. You suggested having ice cream, and just for that reason, they hate ice cream, and in addition, three boxes of just sorted toys have been dumped on the floor. There is a reason that so far we have not put 3-year-olds in charge of entire states and countries.

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