Greggs Festive Bakeries Are Here And We’ve Already Clapped Them

Festive season is definitely all about sparkle—from sequins to fizz—but it’s also about carbs. And mince pies aren’t the only tool for them.

we have already sampled The best (and worst) new Christmas sandwiches but today is magic Monday, when Greggs launched their new Festive Cake and got so excited on social media that we thought they deserved a taste test of their own.

In reality, it’s only been a few months since Greggs was released. The last new offering in Vegan Melt form, which – quite frankly – split our team. Now, the bakery chain is back with a seasonal spin on its snatchable square oven.

This new Festive Bake comes in meat and vegan versions (costing £1.60 each), the first topped with chicken and bacon chunks, and the second topped with Quorn and vegan bacon crumbs.

Neither screams Christmas if we’re being honest, but common to both are the more recognizable festive elements of Greggs’ sage and onion filling, as well as sage and cranberry sauce. So, what did we do from the full packages?


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