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Grillo Set For “Purge 6”, “Stallone” Nighthawks “

Grillo Set For “Purge 6”, “Stallone” Nighthawks “

As part of a recent interview with Playlist Podcast, Actor Frank Grillo has confirmed that he will return to the role of Leo Barnes for the next sixth film in “The Purge” franchise.

This year’s fifth film “The Forever Purge” seems to have brought the series to an end, but filmmaker James DeMonaco has admitted that he had an idea for a sixth.

That seems to have blown into a script as Grillo confirms to the podcast that the film is happening and his character from the second and third films will be in focus:

“Committed! We’re committed to doing that – ‘Purge 6’ with [James DeMonaco] to direct. It is based on the character of Leo Barnes. I’m excited. He sends me the script. He just finished it. So, yeah, I’m really psychic about it. I like to do the ‘Purge’ movies … I’m psychic, they called me and said James wanted to direct another one and I was like, ‘Don’t tell me. I’m in. ‘”

“The Forever Purge” opened in July and even with COVID restrictions, the film still managed to gross $ 77 million out of a $ 18 million budget. It is currently available on VOD and holds disc at the end of the month.

In a separate interview with The beard and the kale Podcast (about Movieweb, Grillo also confirmed that he will star in a limited series remake of Sylvester Stallone’s 1981 Neo-Noir thriller feature “Nighthawks”.

Not only that, but Stallone himself will direct the eight-episode project: “We make Nighthawks as a limited-edition eight-episode TV show. I play him. He directs, he will direct them, and then he will be in it … It happens as we speak, we sell it now.

Grillo can be seen with Gerard Butler in Joe Carnahan’s “Copshop”, which is scheduled to be released in the US on September 17th.

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