Halle Bailey Promises The Little Mermaid Remake Is Worth The Wait

The Disney remake The little mermaid may be on display until 2023, but Halle Bailey thinks it’s worth the wait. Ever since the film was announced as part of Disney’s new reimagining of its classic animated back catalog, people have been waiting to see Bailey’s impression of Ariel slapping his fins on the sand. The remake has been hampered by Covid-19 delays like many projects of the past two years, but Rob Marshall’s film wrapped up the main photography back in July. This has led many people to believe that there is a possibility that they will see the film in cinemas sometime next year, but it was confirmed last week that a Memorial Day 2023 release is what we are getting.

Just to repeat once again how long the film was in production, Halle Bailey commented on her Instagram account when fans gave her first official glimpse of Ariel, “After auditioning for this movie when I was 18 just turned 19, so far filming the movie through a pandemic when I was 21 .. we finally made it. “Speaking of MTV VMA’s red carpet, Bailey told AP Entertainment this week,” It was so good to just finish it. I’m so happy to be just, ‘Yeah, that’s it. ready! ‘ “I can not wait until it’s out. I know we’ll have to wait a while, but I think it’s worth it.”

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Follow the steps below Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin in the The Lion King, Disney’s The little mermaid becomes the latest of their greatest animated classics from the early 1990s to get live-action treatment. It contains famous songs like Under the sea in the Kiss the girl as well as new songs by original composer Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Along with Bailey in the title role, the film also starred Javier Bardem as King Triton, Daveed Diggs as Sebastian, Shang-Chi Star Awkwafina as a shuttle Melissa McCarthy as Sea Hex Ursula.

The production was a well-known whirlwind for Halle Bailey, which comes in a big Disney movie that had some big names for the role of Ariel a few years back. At one point, Lindsay Lohan lobbied for the role. Speaking of which Flaunt last year, Bailey expressed how unreal the whole experience was.

“I was really connected to how Ariel felt,” the actress said. “She just wants to discover something new. She wants to see a whole different world that was never imagined for her […] There was a moment especially when I was in London, and doing things alone, and working every day, and working very hard, where I thought, ‘Okay, this must be how it feels like I have to rely on myself . ‘I’m pretty proud of myself. This was a wild ride into adulthood. “

With the film almost two years away from the premiere, it’s probably a while before we see a full trailer for it The little mermaid, but similarly, Disney is not one for anyone to forget about how big releases are coming, so we expect a few more shots and bargains next year. Disney recently announced the release date, in the The little mermaid is coming to theaters on May 26, 2023. Fan Art is coming to us from BossLogic on Twitter.

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