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Have you ever seen a black swan?


Daulish is My favourite seaside town in Devon and is famous for beautiful Black Swan. i went feast with my family Just before the lockdown and I highly recommend it. this is a beautiful seaside resort and b for over a hundred yearsIAK Hans is paddled Up and down the small stream running through town to the beach. Black swans are so attached to the city that fifty years ago they became Unofficial icon symbol of the city.

when i visited Daulishhandjob I didn’t think I’d ever write about Black Swan in some techno blog, But you can never predict the future can you?

this is Point Completely; You In college Can not prediction of what is to come. The pandemic has highlighted this and increased the importance of business resilience, contingency planning and business continuity planning.

Black swans are a very rare breed Actually! black swan events That It’s also extremely rare to have a disastrous effect on your business.handjob Thank Godhandjob but they are As we now know.

housing associations, executive leadership teams and boards have had to againConsider the effectiveness of their incident response plans, business continuity plans and organizational preparation Future black swan events. This is basic risk management and supports executive stress test attempts and operating environments and remove single point of failure and risk through a strong even stronger control framework.

Are you to know How resilient is your environment?

Have you identified your single points of failure that will stop your actions in their tracks?

This time Around it was covid but may be next time a fire, flood, cyberAttacks, Ransomware, Energy Provisioning outage or international cyber terrorism etc etc! Or it could be a simple computer outage or data loss event that Suspends your operational capabilities for a long period of time Period. I really hope its not meteor or ascension humbleosaurs! These events can affect you in one of three ways:

  1. Financial loss – productivity of employees, lost revenue incomecontractual terms
  2. Loss of credibility and reputation with customers and other key stakeholders
  3. Organizational existence – if organization failed to recover from the incident in a controlled mannerhandjob governance and feasibility It is possible serious Compromised or investigated.

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I think this is It is fair to say that organizational agility and preparedness for the future brilliant unexpected events are get now Unprecedented airtime and thoughtful leadership in board rooms up and down the country. here is most definitely There is a degree of soul searching and reflection going on.

We Talk About Black Swan Events Among Business Continuity Circles regularly. UNLIn Dalysh, a black swan competition An extremely rare event. In business, it represents a extremely negative competition or event that is impossible Difficult To make prediction.

What is the Black Swan Phenomenon?

A Black Swan event can be characterized by three special Hallmark:

  1. event has the potential to create a serious and extensive effect.
  2. In the event that your business has the potential to be temporarily disrupted or destroyed Operations.
  3. After the event occurs, the leader will rationalize the event by being predictable (known as hindsight bias)

Most Recent Black Swan Event – COVID-19

One of the most important things leaders can do is to create an environment and environment that delivers The concept of business flexibility. resilience is like a covid 19 vaccine this is There is never going to be 100%, but it will reduce the likelihood and impact of disruption (know as risk appetite) to an acceptable level. The ownership and determination of risk, risk appetite and risk tolerance should be with the top Team, but the control environment should be designed and delegated to skilled professional practitioner.

in me the former Roleshandjob As the digital and IT leader for housing union, I will constantly talk about spof Single point of failure. You can build organizational flexibility by:

  1. Identifying your core services and assets
  2. Agree how quickly you will need those services to recover if the Black Swan incident occurred Beat.
  3. Agree how much data loss you do can do tolerate (if someone!).
  4. identify all spofs In key services and assets, reduce and test a series of health benefit landscape

this is Also important to exploit vulnerability Evaluations against Your main services and propertys On a regular basis, Rag (Red/Amber/Green) evaluates and treats each vulnerability based on risk and impact them Accordingly Evaluation based on priorities.

and across All Management intervention and control IT is Fragile that remainsThe actual risk score is accurately reported against the target risk score to the senior team so that there is complete opaque transparency and fluid display Data is being reported. As I say, it is board that ownss risk Ultimately, So they need to be equipped with precise Data and management information about your current position and current risk status including current risk exposure and untreated gaps in your defense. No one likes surprises, especially boards!

Our Upcoming Trend Report

TSG in upcoming trend reporthandjob we discuss it More detail topics and notes housing association hows is Recently Started the process of reflection on their flexibility and businessInuitity plans. Cloud services provide an unprecedented platform to end All SPOF (single point of failure) from your on-premises environment. It is nearly impossible to completely remove SPOF from an on-premises computer room. Also, your IT team usually works on Mondays Friday, But coworkers and customers Now Request your IT services and digital self-service platforms 24×7. Outages are no longer acceptable. Cloud services provide better SLA (Service Level Agreement)handjob they experience fewer outages and are always are you there’ Using globally redundant using, duplicate fault tolerant data centers. Can you say the same about your on-premises facilities? I doubt it very much.

So given this backgroundhandjob IT Maybe comes as no surprise from you that we’ve seen a big increase Cloud services adoption and migration to TSG All our housing customers.

It started with Microsoft Office 365 and email but has been gaining momentum recently. Include: –

  • Microsoft teams

  • Fwith server
  • dthey
  • document management
  • Security Capabilities
  • aapplication
  • and hosted voice services

The main trend we are seeing is migration of on-premises pImprove system to cloud hosted phone system building heyn Success of Microsoft Teams in 2020-21. teams are forming Central Hub for the modern digital workplace and at TSG we can help you migrate you voice services and on inbound/outbound phone calls cloud platform (and all of other items above). this will enable you to replace Your legacy on-premises phone system with a modern replacement and help You to reduce or eliminate your SPOF!

2021-22 is a time where The Progressive Leadership Team is asking how we can increase the resilience of our business and strengthen our business continuity plans to help us manage the next Black Swan Incident. the future is uncertain, and this is If not, when is it?

Are You Ready for This what else can you do Today to harden your Present business and operating environment To provide better business flexibility?

Register your interest below for our upcoming trend report

We detail more of these trends and what they mean for your housing association in our upcoming trend report. If you wish to receive it as soon as it is released, please fill out the form given in the link below.

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