He demanded a general amnesty and asked his son for forgiveness. Ali Al-Nimr’s father sends influential message to Saudi leadership after his son’s release

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The father of the Saudi prisoner announced, Tiger AliOn Wednesday, he was released almost 10 years after his arrest, after being included in the law abolishing the death penalty against minors by King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Muhammad Al-Nimr said on his documented page on Twitter: “For ten years I spent while people slept in the gloom and gloom of the night. Up every conversation with a small letter, big meaning and impact. Today, October 27, 2021, AD. “The Son, Ali Al-Nimr, is the son of his family and relatives, and the tongue is incapable and the words are weak in the face of your kindness and kindness, my friends,” he said.

Al-Nimr added in his series of tweets: “This day, October 27, 2021 AD, I present to all friends and loved ones, one by one, all thanks, appreciation and gratitude, especially to those who stayed left in the middle of the night and at the end of the day, prayed to God and wished his son Ali Al-Nimr and his comrades relief and deliverance, and God answered their prayer, so it was.

The father of the released Saudi prisoner continued: “The honor after God belongs to the guardians of the two holy mosques with his historic decision in April 2020 AD to stop the issuance and execution of sentences for the killing of minors, may God and his Crown Prince reward him well “, as he put it.

Muhammad Al-Nimr praised the role of the Commission on Human Rights in Saudi Arabia in releasing his son, and pointed out that its efforts to achieve compatibility between Saudi law and international conventions positively reflected on human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Ali Al-Nimr’s father called on the Saudi leadership to issue a comprehensive amnesty for all prisoners and prisoners, saying: “We ask God to help our country’s leadership to end the prisoner and prisoner file, end their suffering and misery. of their families, issue a comprehensive amnesty and invite everyone abroad to return to the embrace of the dear homeland that houses us. ” Everything, ”he said.

The father of the released Saudi prisoner asked his son for “tolerance and transcendence over the thick and deep operations”, and added and directed his speech to his son: “We do not allow malice and hatred to infiltrate our souls and hearts, not even those who once practiced cruelty, severity and oppression We say: Meditate and think to realize how short life is It deserves that some of us inflict the least harm on the other.

Muhammad al-Nimr had told CNN on February 7, 2021 that the Saudi government had abolished the death penalty against Ali and had sentenced him to 10 years in prison, of which he spent more than 9 years.


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