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Her mother said after she was injured in a crash and running in Waterford


Waterfer, New York (News 10) – There have been several shots and races in the capital recently. On Friday, Waterford police arrested a teenager with injuries.

It was a typical night for 17-year-old Gage Moran to ride home from a tennis practice with blue flashes.

He rides his bicycle every day. “I was hit by a car at 8:52 last night,” said Caroline Curly, Gagi’s mother.

Gate was a few blocks from the house when he was hit by a red jeep with a kayak on the roof on Thursday night. The accident happened on Sixth Avenue and Waterford Washington Street.

When his mother arrived, she feared for her life.

“His whole face was bleeding and his shirt was covered in blood,” Kurui said.

The man who drove the Gagi Jeep pulled it off and left it there.

“I can’t even imagine beating a child and getting up. This was the 51-year-old man who openly beat my well-known daughter.

Gage’s mother was shocked.

“If by any means my son says yes and the man sees it, how will they go when they see a lamb bleeding? I have no respect for that. ”

Gagi was taken to the Albany Medical Center for treatment.

“He has a lot of wounds and bruises, thank you he doesn’t have broken bones. He had to have a stitch in his right eye and it would be around his neck, ”said Curly.

On Friday, Waterford police arrested 53-year-old John Rogovsky from Watford. He was charged with disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct.

Caroline says she is grateful to be back home with her.

But she says this should be a big alarm for drivers.

We need to keep an eye on children everywhere. Kids are riding bicycles everywhere, having fun and not always paying attention to you. You need to be a defensive driver; She says.

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