Here’s how Dune managed to use green screen

Dune: Part One is definitely another example of the atmospheric sci-fi for which director Denis Villeneuve became famous, after also leading Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Dune especially sports some very strange worlds that appear far horizon, even in interior spaces. You would have forgiven to think that some of these interior sets, like the Fortress of Arakeen, were built with green screen sets, but you would be wrong.

How SlashFilm According to reports, production designer Patrice Vermette prevented green screen from using a simply painted fabric.

Vermette, who also works on Dune: Part Two and Tron 3, said the production crew built each interior set higher than 24 or 30 feet of fabric. This fabric was replaced in post-production by the usual special effects software, but the real advantage of the fabric was the actors and artists a more believable space to work, rather than a bare green screen.

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Having fabric painted to mimic what the set ultimately looked like also allowed post-production artists to avoid having to produce heavy green color shades from green shades. The use of fabric to imitate a deeper space than is financially or physically possible is a common practice in theater, where actors are often limited to a small (comparative) stage.

“This technique would dictate where the light comes from, and the obstacles that the light would hit,” Vermette told SlashFilm.

“So the sets would be illuminated, it would help to illuminate the set properly to represent what was part of the concept. It would also indicate to the VFX, the areas that need to collide with the right texture. In general, it has “the right. light environment, so that the VFX part would be better integrated. So, the light is not contaminated by green. Everything creates this world, that makes it more real.”

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Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer for IGN.