Hey, was Pete Davidson’s birthday party with Kim Kardashian a skims ad?

Kim Kardashian is an entrepreneur. A businesswoman. Respectfully, a single female Federal Reserve (she pushes money). She’s very good at it! And so when a new photo of Kardashian drops, her mom, and potentially new person of interest Pete Davidson, one wonders where the pajamas come from, which they all wear. The answer is skims.

The photo (s) are coming over Taste flavor-VH1 regular, catch-phrase hype man, rapper, and wearer of watch necklace – who has teamed up with reality stars Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian for Pete Davidson’s 28th birthday. This is true for a few reasons: One is that Davidson, a man with a Swiftian commitment to dating fellow familiar faces, has gone out to eat with the recent single Kardashian more than once.

Another is the weird pairs, and especially this one Typ of weird pairing — that is, the conventionally beautiful date a punky, grungy, tattooed person — has been the rigueur for a while now. In fact, Kardashian’s sister Courtney Pioneer the guy and will now marry her punky, grungy, tattooed husband, Travis Barker.

And finally, Flavor Flav is also there for reasons that are not immediately obvious.

In the photo, they appear to be in an upscale coworking room that could very well be Kardashian’s home. Kardashian makes a sign of peace while her face is tight in a classic duck face, and Davidson flips the bird out with his tongue. Peace out and fuck off. The yin and yang of American hand signals that can be used in varying levels of honesty on various meaningful goals. Are they trolling? one may wonder. Does she just use us to sell our pajamas? Are they laughing at us but also honest data? These are the great secrets of our time, because no party will give a clean, straightforward confirmation or even the ability to lie to our faces and say, “No, we are not romantically involved.”

The non-mysterious thing we can all count on, though, is that this post, so perfectly placed on Flavor Flav’s Instagram, will always draw an audience (the post had almost 47,000 likes at the time of publication, while the rapper’s usual Average seems to be closer to about 2000 likes last most liked photo was with Kim’s apparent ex Kanye West). And so it’s a good example of the old adage for those who pay close attention: if they insist, at least use those eyeballs to sell something. In this case, it’s the Skims Fleece Pajamas. Everyone except Flavor Flav has them on. Respectfully, what a perfect thing to fall for just a week and make a few changes before Black Friday.

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