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Hisense PureFlat RQ758N4SWF1 Review


Hisense PureFlat multi-door fridge freezer is a gorgeous piece of kitchen kit with a four-door design and a total of 579 liters capacity. The model we tested has a black steel finish but is also available in stainless steel, which costs less than £100.

Design and appearance

The color of this model is great: matte, black brushed steel, with just enough sheen that you can see your shadow in the doors. It is part of the Hisense PureFlat range, which means it is completely flat.

The doors can be flush with your units and there is no subtle bow to break the flat plane. There are recessed handles under fridge doors, and on top of freezers and in My Fresh Choice cabinets.

A fridge can be just as sexy film noir prop, that’s all. If you’ve ever seen Gotham, this is the kind of fridge-freezer you can see at Barbara Kean’s Clocktower Penthouse.

Obviously, you’ll need a kitchen that works with this style: urban and minimalist, rather than rural and people. A beautiful kitchen is not going to cut it; This Hisense device will look like Kubrickian alien technology has come next to your dishwasher.

The appliance is also squarer than your average fridge freezer. at 16.5 x 9 1.2 x 42.5 cm, this is partially Smaller and wider than other models we’ve tested.

It is a French door design, which means that the doors open in the middle. Double fridge doors are a game-changer in terms of visibility and ease of access to your groceries, plus they allow for two separate sets of door racks, reducing the weight of the doors without losing storage capacity. We do.

Operating volume

Hisense claims the fridge has an operating volume of 43dB(A), which is about the level of a human whisper, but it actually seems on the high side because we couldn’t tell if the appliance was on without opening the doors .

If you accidentally leave the fridge open, the alarm sounds after two minutes. You get three beeps per minute for eight minutes and the sound is similar to a quiet clock alarm – it will alert you without giving you a heart attack.

Freezer and My Fresh Choice cabinet doors close with a solid burr and no bounce, no matter how softly or forcefully you push. Fridge doors are a bit more complicated because the design of the French door means that a door seal is part of the left door, so you have to close it first – but do so and no one will return.

Operating cost

The device comes in Energy Class F (A + in the pre-March Energy Rating System) with a total annual energy consumption of 456 kWh / year. It exceeds competing devices in this bracket, which can be explained by the model’s huge storage capacity.

According to me, you will be looking at a running cost of around £64 per year, although this depends on your payment plan, supplier and UK location.

control Panel

You control the fridge freezer via an internal touch panel that extends out from the cabinet ceiling. You don’t have to worry about not being able to access it; This is doable for anyone at 5’1.

The panel has a power indicator and power button, along with a fridge, My Fresh Choice and freezer icons, and a zone button to switch between them. Along with that, you also have super cool, super freeze and holiday function icons and a mode button to switch between them.

Hisense Control Panel

It took a few minutes to figure out how the panel works, largely because the power indicator looks like it should be a power button, but once you grab it, the controls are straight. You use the zone button for the cabinet you want to adjust, and then set the temperature to work for you.

This brings us to one of the key features of the Hisense PureFlat range: You can change the “My Fresh Choice” cabinet from the freezer to the fridge and back. Temperature range for this cabinet 5 . departs from°-20 to C (traditional fridge temperature)°C (lower than traditional freezer temperatures) in increments of one degree, so you have a versatile overspill area.

Plus, all the kind of functionality you’d expect in a model like this. Super Cool keeps your fridge food at a set temperature during times of heavy use or a freak heatwave, and Super Freeze does the same thing for your freezer food. Holiday mode lets you empty your fridge and leave it for 15. allows to set°c, while your freezer is still chilly -18. running on°C.

Cool Down, Warm Up and Metal Tech

4. Took two hours to reach°c in the fridge, -7°See My Fresh Choice in the cabinet, and -18°21 in Sea Freezer from the atmospheric temperature of°c. However, the eye-opener was the metal tech cooling system.

Hisense explains that this system runs throughout the fridge to maintain uniform and uniform temperature distribution. But they do not say that you can literally feel its effectiveness through the movement of icy air around the device.

Hisense states that, in the event of a power outage, you have sixteen hours before the temperature reaches ambient levels. However, we think your fruit and vegetable could last even longer: 48 hours after cutting the power, both the fridge and freezer were only at 10 a.m.°C, atmospheric temperature 19. in despite of°C.


A 38cm LED light strip runs along the control panel and illuminates the interior of the fridge. The only snag is that the pantry drawer blocks light for fruit and vegetable bins and snack drawers, but that will happen anyway when food is stored on shelves. The freezer and My Fresh Choice cabinets each have a top 17cm LED light strip, which nicely lights all three drawers.

Fridge capacity

The fridge cabinet interior has some great style touches. The back panel is stainless steel, and the steel-trimmed glass shelves feature metal brackets that slot into the two back racks, giving you good repositioning flexibility.

You get plenty of space: 388 liters, which equates to over 19 shopping bags. Such a large capacity is an exceptional feature of this device as other brands come in around the 350-360 liter mark, which means you can get an extra bag of shopping in the RQ758N4SWF1.

Drawers and boxes

Hisense has clearly designed its internal drawer keeping in mind the trend of the fridge as it has a 6-liter snack box between two 15-liter fruit and wedge crispers. And not only that: you also get a 30-liter full-length pantry box.

Hisense interior drawer

All drawers and boxes have a ribbed floor to prevent rolls, but they feel a bit light and we found they only took about 50 percent off. We would expect the drawer to be more robust at this price point, with some kind of maintenance mechanism if the fridge stands on slightly uneven floors.

There is no way to optimize the humidity of drawers and boxes, so if you want this type of atmospheric adaptability, we would suggest looking at other options, such as Haier HFT-456DM6.

And given the huge storage capacity, it seems strange that Hisense only offers a six-egg tray.

Door storage

However, door storage more than makes up for in the drawer construction and lack of a wine rack. Each door has three racks and they are surprisingly wide, five of which are 17cm. We found that the lowest two racks would each hold three 4-liter supermarket bottles of milk, or six traditional one-pinters, with a fair amount of space on the front.

Hisense R7 Interior 7

Again, the rest of the rack can fit all kinds of pickle jars and sauce bottles—we managed eleven of different sizes in just one rack. You cannot adjust the rack, but, with such width, you are unlikely to miss that flexibility.

Water distributor

The water dispenser flows through a refillable 4-liter door tank and you do not need to put anything in, so there is no fuss with the installation.

You must clean the tank before using. While it took a few strokes to remove it from the door, it’s surprisingly easy to wash and dry, mainly because it has a full-length removable cover, so you can reach every corner. However, you need to make sure the tank is fully connected to the dispenser valve when you put it back in or the mechanism won’t work.

It is easy to refill through the top vent. We left the water in the tank for an hour, and it drained a consistent and steady stream of cold water, taking 16 seconds to fill the 250ml glass without any splashes, spurts, or plasticy tastes.

Freezer and My Fresh Choice Cabinets

The ability to convert a My Fresh Choice cabinet on one side of your freezer into a fridge is a key feature of this Hisense appliance. Both sides are no frost, so you don’t need to schedule a switch-off every six months.

You get more storage capacity than on many comparable devices. Both sides feature an open-front, easy-glide tray at the top, with a full-size middle drawer and a small bottom drawer. The freezer cabinet holds 84 liters, or four to five bags of shopping, with the My Fresh Choice cabinet holding 95 liters, or five to six bags of shopping.

Easy Glide Tray

In fact, using the bread test, we found that you can fit two 800 gram loaves in the top tray, four in the middle drawer and three in the bottom drawer. The Frozen Chips Test gave us 2kg of chips in the top tray, 5kg in the middle, and 3kg of chips in the bottom.

As you don’t get an integral ice maker, Hisense offers you a portable ice caddy: a clear plastic lidded box that holds an 18-cube ice-tray. It’s easy, you can’t break it, but it takes place in the freezer.

Ice plate

Interestingly, this model has a quirky quirk: Both the freezer and My Fresh Choice cabinet have three internal door racks. Door racks in the freezer are rare, and the thing that makes it more annoying is that they are only 5.5 cm wide – hence the width of butter packs or chocolate ice.

We didn’t find any use for them during the trial period, but it’s possible that they could be wildly handy in day-to-day life.

Price and availability

Available from retailers including Hisense PureFlat RQ758N4SWF1 in Black Steel Currys, AO.com And Argos For £949 (Adds Argos 99P).

You are paying a big premium for the black finish, however, the stainless steel model is slightly more budget friendly. AO.com has £829 . is.


Spacious and stylish, this Hisense PureFlat fridge freezer offers a wide range of features for its price. Although it lacks some of the adjustment options you might find in other models, such as variable humidity settings, it has a switchable fridge / freezer area.

Overall, it’s a worthy contender if you have a large home where grocery organization is a priority.

For some other fridge freezer options, see our review Haier Cube HTF-456DM6 or greater Haier Cube HTF-508DGS7.


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