Holger Rune: Everyone is talking about the new Roger Federer

The rising Danish star Holger Rune believes that he and Carlos Alcaraz can form the next big rivalry. Rune, 18, won the French Open boys’ singles title in 2019, and now he enjoys a career-high ranking as No. 108 in the world.

On the other hand, 18-year-old Alcaraz won his first ATP title in Umag last summer and last week won the Next Gen ATP Finals. On the way to winning the Next Gen ATP finals, Alcaraz beat Rune in equal sets in the group stage.

“A lot of people are talking about the new Federer / Nadal rivalry,” Rune told Sportskeeda. “Yes, it is possible. We have competed since we were children and have always had good matches. He is in front of me right now with a little more experience on the ATP Tour than me.

Next year I will play ATP Tour regularly and have the same experience. So we will definitely have many more good matches against each other. ”

Rune admits that Alcaraz is more disciplined

“It was very inspiring to play Next Gen Finals.

I feel I’m disciplined, but I think Carlos is more disciplined right now than me. A little more mature. That’s how it was in juniors too at one point, he was a little ahead, but then I went ahead. I’m not that good at being number 2, “Rune added.

Rune has made it clear that his goal for the 2022 season is to win his first ATP title. “I want to win ATP tournaments. I think it’s realistic to think I’ll be able to win ATP 250 tournaments in 2022, and in the second half of the season I should also be able to win ATP 500 events.

If I can perform well in the Masters and Grand Slams, it will be good. When the frozen location stops in 2022, I will be able to attend ATP 250 events and from there I will work my way up, Rune said.

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