May 9, 2021


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Home Secretary Pretty Patel visited the Hartle pool before the election

The interior minister joined a rival candidate at Hartle pool today ahead of next week’s election.

Pretty Patel and Jill Mortimer visited the city this afternoon and accompanied her before the election.

“First, you know elected representatives who can work with the government,” she said. Work with the government, then of course that investment will not come.

I have to pay special tribute to Ben Huo [Tees Valley Mayor] Basically, working with myself and my colleagues in the government has been a visiting force. I remember once and again I brought that vision to light and campaigned for Ben in the election.

He knows how to do business, he knows how to present it to the government and he knows how to work with the government, Jill does exactly the same thing and that is all. As I said earlier, conservative members of parliament, conservative police and crime commissioners, conservative mayors will work with us as partners.

Asked how confident she was that the Conservatives would win the seat, Ms. Patel said: Jill is working incredibly hard and focusing on local issues. But as the Minister of the Interior, I, as a Member of Parliament, would like to stand by and represent you here on behalf of the local people.

“Now the reality is that we as a government are unwavering in our desire to rise above the level of the United Kingdom. That was part of our manifesto in 2019 – what we want and we are investing more in job creation and infrastructure.

What is important to the people, to the communities is very important to help it grow – this is a successful mission here and it is a mission in many parts of the country, I have even visited the country from the Brexit referendum campaign.

There are so many parts of the country behind it – we want to finish that and we want to raise the bar and this is our absolute mission.