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Homeland: 10 other shows and movies to capture the brilliant cast


If you’re anything like us, you haven’t just considered the latest BBC school door sitcom series Homeland already, but he also watched the first two seasons about ten times.

And while we can’t imagine a while before Julia, Amanda and we were in our lives, the actors portraying the middle class parents of a west London primary have been on the acting circuit for a long time.

So if you can’t get enough with Lucy Punch (Amanda), Diane Morgan (Liz), Tanya Moodie (Meg), Anna Maxwell Martin (Julia) and Paul Ready (Kevin), here are 10 other places where you can find them just as brilliant …

A series of unfortunate events: Lucy Punch

Reproduction in: Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events is an American dark comedy drama based on the children’s novel series Lemony Snicket of the same name.

He follows the misadventures of Baudelaire’s three children who fight between various foster homes after a mysterious fire destroys them and kills their parents.

Lucy appeared in the second and third seasons as Esmé Squalor, a love interest for Neil Patrick Harris‘cunning character, Count Olaf. Esmé is a distant relative of the central children, who is determined to claim the family fortune for himself.

Mandy – Diane Morgan

Reproduction in: BBC iPlayer

Mandy is Diane’s own sitcom, which she writes, directs and stars in as the main character.

The bitesize series (each episode is only 15 minutes long) is a proper nonsense, which begins when Mandy becomes obsessed with a couch she has seen in a shop window and struggles to get it.

Guest star of the homeland and regular of EastEnder Natalie Cassidy makes an appearance in the final episode, while other cameos include Maxine Peake, Shaun Ryder and Sean Lock.

A discovery of witches – Tanya Moodie

Reproduction in: NOW

This fantastic Sky Original drama is based on the All Souls book series by Deborah Harkness and is named after the first novel in the trilogy.

It begins when a historian discovers a manuscript that sends him to a world of magic, where he must reveal the secrets he keeps about magical beings.

Tanya appears as a demon named Agatha Wilson, and stars alongside Alex Kingston and Trevor Eve, as well as Line Of Duty actors Owen Teale and Aishya Hart. Speaking of which …

Line Of Duty – Anna Maxwell Martin

Reproduction in: BBC iPlayer

You’ve probably entered the homeland after first seeing Anna playing the strange AC-3 DCS boss Patricia Carmichael in Line Of Duty, so we probably don’t need to tell you too much about success. BBC police drama.

However, if you’re not one of the 15 million people who are already obsessed with Line Of Duty, it’s basically a fantastically complicated police procedure, involving a specialized anti-corruption unit that investigates “bent couriers” and their links to organized crime.

Anna makes her first appearance in series five and returns to series six, although you should probably start the show from the beginning if you want it to make sense.

Terror: Paul Ready

Reproduction in: BBC iPlayer

Like the way people can’t get over how Anna goes between such extreme characters with Julia from the homeland and Carmichael from Line Of Duty, Paul has fans baffled in the same way that his character from The Terror is different from Kevin.

In case you haven’t seen the drama of the horror anthology, the first series, in which Paul appears as a doctor and naturalist Dr. Harry Goodsir, is based on a fictional account of the loss of Captain Sir John Franklin’s expedition to the Arctic between 1845 and 1848 and produced by Ridley Scott.

Bad Teacher – Lucy Punch

Reproduction in: Netflix

After several roles in British films, Lucy moved full-time to the United States, and soon got a big Hollywood role sharing the big screen with Cameron Diaz i Justin Timberlake in the 2011 film Bad Teachers.

In it, she played the most holy school teacher Amy Squirrel, who becomes the character of Cameron’s rival Elizabeth when she is less than impressed with Elizabeth’s teaching style.

Needless to say, however, the role of Lucy is certainly the best of what is not a great movie.

After life – Diane Morgan

Reproduction in: Netflix

That Ricky Gervais The sitcom has proven to be a huge success since it debuted on Netflix in 2019.

Ricky plays Tony, whose life is turned upside down after his wife dies of breast cancer and decides to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he wants.

Diane plays Kath in After Life, a Tony companion in the Tambury Gazette.

This time with Alan Partridge – Tanya Moodie

Reproduction in: BBC iPlayer

Tanya recently appeared in the second series of Steve Cooganlatest vehicle for his much-loved comedy character Alan Partridge.

He played guest character Izzy Barnes in episode four, where the drama therapist led a live workshop in the studio, with some classic Partridge scenes.

The role also had a personal connection for Tanya, as in real life she is a patron of Roundabout Therapy.

Bad Presagis – Anna Maxwell Martin

Playing at: Amazon first

Good Omens is based on the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and focuses on an angel and demon who must form an unlikely alliance to stop an impending Armageddon.

The problem is that they have lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy who has no idea he needs to help stop the end of days.

Anna plays Beezlebub, the leader of the forces of hell.

MotherFatherSon – Paul Ready

Reproduction in: BritBox

Written and created by Emmy-nominated Tom Rob Smith, the man behind The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and London Spy, this BBC drama tells the story of a dysfunctional family of a newspaper mogul .

In it, Paul plays Nick Caplan, a journalist for the Finch family newspaper, the National Reporter.

The series, which also stars Richard Gere and the late Helen McCrory, received positive reviews from critics when it debuted in 2019, even if it appeared a certain disturbing scene.

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